Walls don't work, but bridges do

Wake up America!


The answers are fairly simple to me. If you read the comments in the section below it they run
the course if that were a topic here today would be same same.
You can:
a) either set up on it with a couple of teams: Scout Sniper/Spotter’s
Pick 'em off till the river runs red. or
b) Blow the Phucker to Kingdom Come! It’s really very simple.
Illegal entry, Smuggling (dope/humans), Trafficking (children)
Military Age males w/ weapons, new clothes, Thousands of $$$ in their pockets.
Kill them ALL! Let GOD sort 'em out! They are INVADERS sent by a Criminal Enterprise
THIS IS WAR PEOPLE! they aren’t coming here because of the girl Scout Cookies!


The part that disturbs me THE MOST is that we have a sitting P(resident) that ALLOWS/FACILITATES this to happen, AND Congress ENABLES HIM to continue, AND the individual STATES allow it to continue. WHAT THE HELL???