Wayne Root- Red Dawn is imminent


I think I’ve been reading about “sources” saying the same basic thing for as long a the internet has existed

I wish the sources would identify themselves so we could mock then continuously as years go by and the sky continues to remain airborne


Agreed. I see way too many articles that say, " My (alphabet agency source) says that Plan X will soon be implemented."

Give me a verifiable source and a date. If you don’t have that, you only have rumors.


…or are only starting rumors



My uncle(ex-green beret ) that helped build a good chunk of the electric grid for the eastern US said it would only take ten men to take out 90% of the eastern grid. It only takes cutting a single leg on towers at pivot turn points and that whole line will be down. Much like the bridge in Baltimore. The weight of the wires would pull down the other towers in both directions.


Regardless of the rumors etc. the thing that is true is they are getting more and more resources that is being funded with your tax dollars. We’ve all heard some of the hair brained ideas about letting them hold positions that should require citizenship. How long until they are given the vote? They’re winning without firing any shots.


If only our leaders were smart enough to read Sun Tzu.

Lot of folks have been saying the sky will fall for a lot more years then I have been alive. Sooner or later one of them will be right. Best to be reasonably prepared for the possibility of bad times ahead. But I wouldn’t sell all my belongings and put the rest of my life on hold in preparation for the mother ship’s arrival on any given date in the near future.

In the internet age you can find someone new saying the end is coming very soon pretty much every day.



IF something happens I will fight like the (3rd) monkey getting my seat on the ARK.
IF Nothing happens we still have a SHyte show to deal w/ with these Criminals in power
Trumpinator CONVICTED on ALL (34) counts Today
IF you think unhinged/Radicals will sit by and LET Trump get thrown out of the Election
so ‘Bama-Puddin’ can retain Orriface you are in for a rude awakening.
It doesn’t HAVE to be Red Dawn Events—Even Mr. Root say’s it could be ‘cells’, small bands
of terrorists attacking multiple targets on or around the same time.
This would make Co-vid Isolation look like a damn Picnic.
Stores closed, Gas stations empty, Deliveries halted.
We are so ill prepared for ant disruption it’s really not funny.
All the idiotic Prepping makes me feel like a genius.
Forget about ordering SH** now folks (but if I had the chance I would
at least get a couple of weeks-(2) month supply of MRE type food,
Lots of bottled water, A Filter w/ replaceable catches…Ammo—Just saying.

Protect your Families
If nothing happens you wasted a couple of hundred dollars

PATRIOT SUPPLY.com Food=Security



A couple hundred??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
More is better. :+1:


Yes, a couple of hundred dollars and you can weather a decent sized disruption.
Patriotsupply.com (2) months worth (like 2000 calories a day=$277? Basic/Minimum
Water Free
Water containers @ Sporting stores about $15 each Priceless
You folks should already have Ammo/Guns
Fill up your gas tanks, maybe have a few more JIC

Not a huge investment if you go a tad furthur maybe $600 ?


Yup… The wheezers have been saying that for more than 2000 years???


From what just happened to a ex president to tell you the truth I don’t give a fiddlers f***! What kind of country do we have anymore anyway when a sitting president can set-up his competition so they can’t run against him? I don’t care what happens anymore and can’t say a few things I hope does. I don’t need the “ we’ll leave and I’ll buy the ticket” crap because I was born here and didn’t jump a fence or swim a river to get here and I hate what my country has turned into. Face it, is this what the greatest generation fought for? I seriously doubt it and almost all of those brave men and women laying in the ground didn’t get there so we can elect leaders that crooked leaders that don’t even pay any attention to our constitution or bill of rights, I for one apologize to them for wasting their young lives.


Hey, what did a few of you call a big ‘Nothing Burger’? Recently
This could be one of them.
Or it could be the Big Kahuna.
I’ve told you folks a bit of my Security measures
Really not a hell of a lot.
No basement full of supplies (No basement at all actually)
But what I did helps my family to ride the Storm out
Careful expenditure of green and I am not worried.

If nothing happens I have ‘Camp food’ to sell later on. I don’t camp.


Most recently I remember when a source at the TSA was claimed that we were going back into lockdown, travel restrictions, taking vaccine cards to try to go anywhere, mask mandate, etc, by October of 2023.

I am as sure this CIA informant is as legitimate as the TSA information was about lockdowns happening last fall

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And I also doubt that when they were fighting and dieing for our rights that one of the rights was to give Bobby the right to marry Billy or allow teen age below legal age kids to change their genders just it’s the cool and provokitive thing to do this month at school. What happens when they become actual grown ups and change their minds? It’s called a out of control suicide rate.


Any adult ought to be able to marry any other adult they each choose.


Ease down a notch or two my Brother.
The way we get through this is Calm, Clear thinking.
All I know is the Criminals are already starting flapping their gums
taking ‘Victory laps’ about this and the backlash hasn’t even started (yet)
Steady Brother Mark. We shall see this through.
It’s been coming to a head for years
Woke/Progressives have made themselves a nasty bed-of-nails!
This is far from over.
We have your back Mark712
And just to be clear ‘WE FOUGHT FOR EACHOTHER’. That’s it!


Wouldn’t worry too much about that. They will never grow up. Nor grow a brain! As has been said before, we are Ronin!
Warriors without a leader!
It is written.



But it could be the beginning of the end!


You may be referring to those of us who said the supposed authorization by Biden to assassinate Trump was not based in reality. I still believe that to be the case.

If you are relating that to the current convictions, I haven’t reviewed the evidence so can’t speak informatively to this particular case. Though based on Trump’s past actions and statements it is not a stretch for me to believe that he used campaign funds for hush money. The interesting thing is that most politicians get away with doing this illegal action all the time but Trump didn’t.

There are a few likely reasons for this. One being the all out witch hunt by the left for Trump. The other being that it seems to me that despite his words to the contrary Trump does not surround himself with the best and the brightest. Especially when it comes to lawyers. His lawyers often seem sub par at best. Maybe that is because he chooses them poorly and/or it is because he can’t get the really good ones because good lawyers don’t want a client that keeps shooting themselves in the foot with their own mouth.