Interesting opinion piece on our possible future


Hard to argue with this websites Logic and Reasoning OD.
This has been building for years .It’s pretty clear (@ least to me)
The LEFT isn’t listening and determined to create a ‘Bother’ if Trump
gets close to his old favorite chair.
Their actions (the left) make no sense
and WE THE PEOPLE are seriously PISSED!
I am grateful to live in a Purple state these days
The .gov is awful (but more accurate stupid)
But it isn’t Blue Balls
To bad I’m smack dab on the Border
Difficult to fight the .gov AND the Invasion forces at the same time.
Good article ! I signed up!
(Now I’m on ANOTHER list!)


This is what we are preparing for. :unamused:


The sad fact is that despite the USCCA’s best efforts everything we write, say, speak and mean on these forums are recorded not only by the NSA but shared to many of the over 150 three letter agencies and the over 225 four or more letter agencies. Very few to our benefit.
Shut up? Be quiet? No. Find other ways to communicate.
Our future leaders in the upcoming war need to continue to gather firearms, ammo, equipment and strategize how to help the overwhelmed military, National Guards and law enforcement defeat the purported immigrant armies massing to break down our infrastructure.
The Chinese strategy is simple: Breakdown our leadership, destroy our infrastructure and economy through the immigrant “army”, let the Soviets take the brunt of destruction and be the remaining largest army basically untouched after the most the work is done.
We win because not only are we fighting for our homes, country and families but, something the communists have fought for, the disarming of America has failed in the almost 75 years of sleeper agents infiltrating our educational system, subverting our elementary, middle and high schools, colleges and universities with the anti gun training.
That is the one thing that has held Russia, the USSR elites, whomever, from invading America.
All of are citizens own guns. Hunt, target shoot and prepare for the upcoming day.
We will be fighting from the ashes as most of our government leaders have already sold out or are not leaders. Too busy scrambling after pork for themselves. Forgetting they are beholden to the People, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers and the list goes on. We are the reason for Freedom. We, a Republic choosing Democracy led the World in for many years. Not always in the best manner as our elected and chosen leaders were corrupted.
There are still good politicians in government. They are being persecuted, silenced and shunted aside as the corrupt many guide the purse strings.
We, the People, need to vote out the corrupt. The challenge is that they are strong, entrenched and have money to project a powerful image that fools people. We need to strengthen ourselves to oust the ones and vote in our true leaders who will not really want the job because of the tremendous responsibilities (remember George Washington!).
Do not be fooled by the push to have a Constitutional Convention to rewrite what continues to serve us so well. Rewriting will only serve those who want to subvert our country without breaking unenforced laws. We need to get the emotional fortitude to enforce our laws.
Tell big business to behave and make it stick.
Make it not only immoral to grossly overcharge for electricity, gasoline, natural gas, food, medicines that do not cure but, leave you poor taking medicines that just keep you alive enough to pay for more temporary reprieves until broke, bankrupt and you die so other people get rich. Make it illegal to pursue such goals!
The challenge is not passing such bills, it is bringing back our culture. When billionaires, multimillionaires control our country to their own personal goals we have problems.
There are exceptions. Look who runs Berkshire-Hathaway. Self made entrepreneur who arose from nothing, supports those who have the will to succeed with the morales to match. Is he perfect? No. But, so much better than the multi- national companies who want to control our lives and make us virtual, if not in reality, slaves.
Time to get off my soap box.
God bless America, Americans and our true way of life.


Thank God for the Ten Commandments, I mean Ten Amendments!!!


All quite true, however, I think there are only 18 of us left that will actually put up a fight and draw blood! I don’t see an army of AMERICANS willing to drop their co… and fight for the American way.

These are armies specifically trained to kill. They are trained in killing civilians. This is something the average American will not be willing to overcome. I’ve been asked in the past if I thought I could kill my neighbors, if they are of the mindset of “death to America”, absolutely, no hesitation. But this is what we are up against…


…and here the “pronouned world we live in! Those above throw them off rooftops and we are afraid to call them by their biologically assigned genders, for fear of losing our jobs? IHMO, WE ARE PHUCKED :exclamation:


Thanks Scott, that one ‘Ray of hope’ I had left this morning blasted to sh**! Marvelous

Well Sir, I guess I am one of those (18).
If this country is going to turn into the CCP AMERICA
I will happily give my life to the Cause of FREEDOM and water that phuckin’
tree w/ as much blood as I can before I go down.
My 5,000+ rounds are a lot of water.
Most of the ‘Citizens’ in America refuse to see the downward spiral
the SHOCK alone when these fella’s come rolling down the streets will kill most
of them. We are a country of mostly sheep and a shell of our former selves.
So sad
And to Chris278, I REALLY don’t give a sh** if we are ‘monitored’. I’ve accepted
that FACT a long time ago. This Country has gotten very Gestapo on US rather than utilizing all this Tech keeping us safe.
This whole deal is a sh** sandwich without the Bread.
So, ‘Let’s Roll’
Shout ‘Alamo, Alamo, Alamo!’
whatever it takes to stir people into action


Didn’t mean to ruin your day, but you and I both know, hope is not a strategy! I’ve accepted the fact that a “red dawn” style coup is only minutes away. They don’t need parachutes or scare tactics, they are here, they are trained and just waiting for the word to come from the master tik-tokker!

I have a few water cans filled to the brim, if we are lucky our grandchildren will see that tree bloom brilliantly. Good luck brother, it’s the real deal for me, for I have never been in combat, but I have personally faced down the Russians as they opened their torpedo doors, while facing me. Was a scary and exhilarating experience, many on my crew were given the opportunity to leave the service with no questions asked. I on the other hand asked if we could do it again!

We are on our last leg, Trump knew it back in 2014, I am still shocked that every single thing he spoke of back then has been absolutely true! He went about getting the job done, I’ll stand behind him every step of the way. Dictatorship or not!


YOU Sir, Didn’t ruin my day. (the .gov’s got a lock on that for years)
You are one of the very few here that speak in Realities
and I respect that.
The one thing I need to correct you on is your constant statements of:

YES Brother YOU HAVE! A Career’s worth. Please don’t say that or worse believe that
about yourself Scott. You may not have flung bullets downrange and heard the ‘Thud’s’
But you are a Warrior and have the heart of a LION! THAT is what we need when the SHTF!
All of you Members have it whether you know it or not or you wouldn’t be here!
We have all ranges of the spectrum here in Ability, Training and heart. Some of us are ‘Newbie’s’
some are Hardcore Vet’s. The emphasis on TRAINING should be ratcheted up now because of what we
are seeing (and have been experiencing the last couple of years).
THIS is serious sh** we are facing today! This isn’t going to be a Mugging (well, it might)
This is TROUBLE w/ a Capital ‘T’. We have Foreign AND Domestic Trouble ON OUR OWN SOIL!
How can anybody w/ half a brain not SEE that this is going to be the Ultimate Fight for not only
our Freedom but our very lives! Look around your house, @ your Family, Friends, what you hold dear.
THAT IS BEING THREATENED! Pudding may be a Joke and all the Crimes he and the .gov have foisted on us have weakened us to the point of honest people asking themselves ‘Are we going to survive this?’
This isn’t a fight coming on foreign soil where Citizens read about it on the ‘Net or see it on TV.
It’s going to be on our streets and Neighborhoods. This is the real deal and None of you signed up for that. TRAIN-UP folks! Sling that lead down range, Take a self D class. Carry! 24/7.
My blood boils when I see these ‘Phuckers’ coming through holes in the Border wall and worse when the BP ‘Let them in’, Cut the wire’ etc. WHY would they do that? and please unless you wish to receive a
punch in the face from Moi tell me you were ‘Just following orders!’ You’ll be asking friends ‘Did you see the truck that hit me?’ I read a report that said the .gov’s GOAL is to 'Replace ‘White Soldiers’ in our Military with these INVADERS. WHY? It will be hiring the enemy, and they will be a force used where?
AGAINST US! that’s where. I don’t see these people being trained up and sent to Ukraine, NO SIR. I see them being a ‘PEACE KEEPING’ :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: force to control US!
There are FENCES around DC now—to protect these Vermin but there is NO Border Walls? That’s SH** STUPID…or is it all part of their plan? Does ANYBODY reading this feel I hit my head too many times? or reality has flown the coop for me?. Or put together with all you’ve seen this last statement really makes sense?
If you tell the shepple, 'We have lower numbers in our Military all around and we are giving these Fella’s a chance to be AMERICANS by serving in our armed forces. There is no greater form of dedication…blah blah blah blah Bullshite! If we arm these people up and their Masters throw them at us many of us will not be here next year. It will be OVER for Amerikanski, Republic of.
Now I don’t really KNOW who is behind this. I don’t. There are too many azzholes to pick just one.
Is it the Chinese? Soros, The Cat in the hat? or is it all of them?. But we are in a world of SH and it
is going to be over our heads if we are not AWARE and Getting ready.
I wish I could tell you I came up through the Ranks and because First Sergeant or a Second Looie
but I have been in the sh** and I am still here to talk about it. I can fully understand Scott saying ‘we are doomed’ (or something like that) But we better wake the Phuck up NOW—because time isn’t on our side folks. I am NOT Chicken Little, I don’t get off on scare tactics. My Brother’s I train up with KNEW we were
going to be in really awful situations in the Bandlands of the world. But NOW they are HERE.
I wish I could tell you what it felt like, what these crazy phucker’s Screaming their fool heads off felt like charging into our Guns! M-60’s and SAW’S! And they didn’t CARE! These same people (well, relatives of the same people because we sent the originals to hell!) are on our streets today. We use to worry about ‘Gangs’ taking over NYC in the old days well folks THEY are here also! MS13 is not a fictional group. They are some of the badest gangs around. Fortunately they are easily identifiable but these Invaders BLEND IN (sort of).
Please Brothers and Sisters this is getting far to real for me. I see it! I’ve seen it before. In places I’ve already talked about and some I didn’t. We need to be ready. NOW. Pudding was an angry POS last night.
Their ‘Fences’ prove there is trouble ahead. These people are being protected now by guys w/ Full Auto capability. Our Military bases are on full alert. The Signage is clear. 'USE of DEADLY FORCE is AUTHORIZED"! Um, That should raise the hairs on your necks. My little airbase is hopping again. C-130’s are all over the skies once again. WHY? you do the math.
I’m already known for being a Conspiracy Theorist (I just cemented that in your heads by this post) but I DON’T CARE!
If it wakes some people up I don’t mind sounding like a nutbar.
Be Careful Gunners. If nothing happens (BAH!) then I will still be alive to apologize. But if it gets ‘REAL’ you will be ready. As I always say, You are already ahead of the game by being part of his Community.
You already know things aren’t right and you need to protect yourselves. GOOD!
I care for you all
Stay Frosty
Where We Go1 We Go All
Stay Heavily Armed and Very Dangerous!


I hope you can open this!


The OP’s article is spot on, for those who have been paying attention.


The best I can remember the Drats rely started in 1967 or so by raping the SS And making all the accademys blue with most big schools . We have lost the 1st and they are working hard on the 2nd


I guess so, since my warrior grandsons could attest to that.
It takes a warrior to train a warrior!
I had the opportunity to take three different career paths.

  1. I could have been a Navy SEAL, I declined, when I saw training required me to carry a telephone pole!
  2. I was offered a position as Supply officer at the Antarctic science station, with the promise after one year, I’d have the choice of stations anywhere on the globe. After being stationed at Pearl Harbor, trading in
    Hula skirts for foul weather gear and -40 degree temperatures, I opted out. I guess the movie The Thing might have had something to do with my decision as well ! :sunglasses:
  3. See the world through a periscope! Inspired by…

Very intriguing to say the least!


If I wasn’t included in the 18… Better change your number to 19.Im training my ass off.


Some might argue that American citizens have exhausted the “ballot box” option, as it doesn’t seem to matter who is “elected” when the political trajectory towards absolute despotism and tyranny is in a nose-dive crash landing.

The “Cartridge Box” option remains available, but unattainable to most due to the fear of death.


Not if we unify as Americans, for the sake of America.


Totally agree.
One thing to consider is whether or not you want to live in a tyrannical society in which someone else determines what you can and cannot do.
Loss of control of your life has caused significant loss of life.


As I have always heard said better dead than red.


Well said, Norman54


‘Life is finite anyway
It’s all a matter of how you wish to go out…
"On your feet or on your knees?’

From ‘The Kingdom’ flick

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