Watch "Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Moral Obligation To Fight Tyranny" on YouTube

Impressive young woman.


All Patriots need to watch this, This is why we FIGHT.


Amen! I like her, good speech with lots of facts.


Find rhetoric there. Well thought out and well spoken. Brava!


Holy crap. I want her standing beside me when all hell breaks loose.


That right there makes me proud to be an American.


I want to be in the middle of her family. 5 Marines. I’ve got years of experience being a trauma medic to Marines and can do overwatch as well.:crazy_face:

Adding an edit here as some may construe this as my advocating armed rebellion. I do not advocate that. This response was merely a reference to prior service, familiarity with Marines, and what now feels to be a poorly received attempt at humor. 1-7-2020


Roger that.


That was the pre-game speech that inspires the underdog to go out & kick the prohibited favorite’s butt… GANGSTA! :muscle:t5::boom::loudspeaker::100:


After watching the video I went on VCDL and checked it out, we ended up buying some of their stickers and pins. Looking at all the pics and reading the posts I ended up donating to the cause.
Right now they are the tip of the Spear. :crossed_swords:


Yeah, I donated to their pac.


That was awesome! This will go down in history and we the patriots need to fight all the way to war, if we have to. Do not ever give up your rights! Fight till you die if you have to. These tyrannical leaders will be shot down by the people who put them there! This could very well be a test by the UN to see if the people of the USA are willing to fight for their rights. UN wants a One World Leader and right now we stand in their way. Let’s pull together and show them we will fight. Thanks Ted n Carol


I honestly feel you and love your heart felt patriotism. It’s in your blood, mind, body and soul. The issue is all the current generations that have been born and I will have to admit we should have voted to skip a couple. Have been purposely lead astray to be sheep in the kindest way I can describe. Most of them are disconnected from reality when it comes to being a Red Blooded American.


Inciting violence or shall be used against you… is not wise on a public forum. You are however among people who relate to God, Country and Family and the protection there of.


In case I may have given the appearance in this thread or any other thread of inviting or even approving of violence. My response is that I categorically do not approve of inciting violence, and I absolutely abhor the direction that some in the nation have taken, especially as it relates to Virginia. What is happening in Virginia right now fills me with dread. As I see so many ways for it to go horribly wrong.

I feel that threats of violence or even acts of violence do more damage to what I believe in, as they give credence to the lie that 2A supporters are just gun nuts.

I will be perfectly happy to never have to have used any weapon in self defense. Do I train for it. Yes, my life experience has more than proven to me that there are men and women of ill will, with evil in their hearts who do act with violence towards others. I prepare for that eventuality. But I would prefer that all of my training and preparedness be for naught.

I do not advocate for an armed uprising against duly elected officials. I may not agree with them but I will follow the letter of the law. I “fight” with my vote, communication with my duly elected Representatives, and my voice. Anything beyond that would require a great deal more thought. I will say this and only this, I took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic, and I am not aware of anything that has relieved me from that oath. But defending can be done in many ways, that do not require me taking up arms, except as an extremely extreme last resort.

I admire the young ladies passion and eloquence in that speech, my comment about the Marines in her family, was in reference to my military service. I was in a “special” unit where we all had the same rating but we were expected at that time to provide our own support in other areas. There was no negative at that time, it was actually quite beneficial, to go to as many schools as you could, so I went to as many schools as I could.


To my colleagues who don’t like it when someone says fight for your rights. Someone has to sometimes, in order to keep our rights! Sometimes they only take a little, but everytime they take a little, you end up losing alot in the end. If you decide to let it alone and hope it heals itself, you lose again. Not always, can you vote it out. When you lose or give up one right, you end up losing them all! What was the Revolution all about? Giving up their weapons. Really, all you have to look at, is California. They only gave up one thing and then another until now they have almost no right to bare arms in their state. I say Protest and fight them if you have to! Sitting on your butts gets nothing done. Just another loss for a Great Christian Nation.


What a well spoken young woman. She has expressed what almost all TRUE Americans believe. I’ll take her on my side any day. Bravo Zulu Young Lady.

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I understand your passion and zeal. I do not think that violence is needed or necessary, quite possibly the opposite right now. Virginia’s citizens have generated a ground swell of support for the 2A right now. I do not want to see all of that hard work and good will that the VCDL has generated, be wasted by ill timed or hasty actions that make it easier for Pro 2A supporters to be relegated to the “lunatic fringe”.