Regarding sb2 going into effect

If we do get caught carrying in a place we’re not supposed to and get charged , what would be the likelyhood of being able to sue ? I dont even know what or how? Civil suit for infringing on rights ? I’m just curious… also has anybody heard where sheriff Dicus from sb county stands on sb2 ?


Maybe a Class Action Lawsuit for infringing on constitutional rights.


This is just my lay person opinion, but…if it were possible to sue a state for infringing on the 2A, it would have been done to almost every state already and CA a few thousand times.

So I guess I’m saying…good luck and have you considered moving out of CA?

I guess also if you carry somewhere illegal and get caught…you could try reaching out to any 2A org you can think of to see if they need a case to latch a lawsuit onto?

But really…it’s not like this is the first, second, or even tenth 2A violating law CA has currently active


If Kalifornia can infringe on the 2A, then Texas can stop illegal invasions!

This crap is not going to end with a vote, that doesn’t count!

GOT TEA :question:


There are already lawsuits challenging the CA law, but, unfortunately, the plaintiffs lost in the appeals court. So, carry a gun in any of the forbidden places or a private place that has not affirmatively posted a “carry is OK” sign, and you become part of the new class of criminals in CA.

The 2A community has been relying on an “appeal to the courts” strategy in hopes that some unaccountable, elderly judge will save them, including appeals to the US Supreme Court. That’s a losing strategy as the leftist legislatures will come up with bogus laws that get them elected to office. The 2A community needs to get pro-2A candidates elected. The courts will, in the long run, provide no protection for our rights.


If SB2 stays, will USCCA’s legal team support a CCW holder’s event if it occurs in one of the “updated sensitive places?”


Violation of a state conceal carry law is not itself an exclusion.

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A member could still have coverage for a lawful act of self defense not otherwise excluded, despite vioating a state law for an off limits location.

There would not be coverage for the violation of the state carry law, just for the covered act of self defense

Do note that one of the exclusions is for illegal use or possession of a firearm or weapon per federal law. As in, there is no coverage for anything, not even the lawful act of self defense, if you carry a gun/weapon where it is illegal per federal law


The likely hood of being able to sue, IMHO is through 2A advocacy memberships and/or donating.

I am a member of a few now, and I see CRPA doing most of the work.
Hence, I joined the California Rifle and Pistol Association (they are active in pursuing and suing the state on SB2), I have also just joined the California Gun Rights Foundation (

Home - American Firearms Association

Home - Gun Owners of California (

Home | Gun Owners Foundation

A few others to look into:
National Association for Gun Rights
Second Amendment Sisters
National Rifle Association (NRA) (some disagreement within liberty movement - do your own research)
Second Amendment Foundation
The National Skeet Shooting Association and National Sporting Clays Association
Amateur Trapshooting Association
Pink Pistols
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Women Against Gun Control
Pacific International Trapshooting Association
Zone 7 Skeet
Firearms Policy Coalition
Fifty Caliber Shooters Association


Hello and welcome @Michael1848


One way of thinking about this is that with the passage of SB2, as a practical matter the CA legislature simply revoked everyone’s CCW “permission slips” issued by local government bureaucrats (sheriffs). It’s one government agency (the legislature) revoking the authority granted to people by another government agency (sheriffs) and making anyone who carries concealed outside private property with “CCW is OK” signs a brand new criminal. It’s just a return to the status quo in CA before any CCW permission slips were issued.

Now, people hope that an unaccountable judge (another government agent) will announce that the legislature’s actions were somehow illegal. Magical thinking.


So are you saying that the bill of rights and the judicial system are irrelevant? Are we all stuck living in a country where our rights are solely up to the whims of whatever politician whatever narrow majority of voters put into office?

I thought one of the key purposes of a Representative Republic was to make it more difficult for the tyranny of the majority to take away the rights from the minority? It seems to me the Judicial branch has to play an important role in preserving individuals’ rights. Though I’m not sure how to keep politics out of the legal system and how to hold politicians accountable when they clearly violate the law.


Not at all. But, relying on an unaccountable government agent (judges) to uphold rights against a deluge of laws passed by state legislatures is, in the long term, a losing strategy. 2A supporters must replace the folks in Sacramento to suceed.


And then Newsome will turn around and triple the application cost of a CCW and the classes. Renewable annually.


Well after a visit with my in-laws for the Holidays in CA I don’t hold much hope that pro 2a supporters can out vote all the ignorant anti self defense voters in CA. Think most people there won’t wake up until the entire State is burning down.


Which…isn’t going to happen


@Michael1848 Welcome to the community, and great question amongst many of other 2A Law Abiding citizens whom ask all across the country as Anti-2A groups impose gun control, and YET notice how NOT A SINGLE QUESTION arises from FELONY CRIMINALS who FREELY conceal carry illegally, travel FREELY across the country (Reciprocity NOT APPLICABLE) committing crimes along the way FREELY exercising FULL Constitutional Rights which NON of the gun control laws affect crime violence. These laws do nothing to stop criminal violence, and ONLY AFFECT Law Abiding Citizens to make FELONS out of them.


We no longer live in a representative republic.


True. The form of government practiced in this country for the past several decades most closely resembles a Crony Capitalist Kleptocracy.


Hoping that some court will save 2A rights also won’t happen over the long run. Magical thinking.

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