SB2 California

SB2 becomes active on the 1st of Jan. 2024, at that point you cant conceal carry at that point is it feasible to carry any type CCW insurances such as USCCA.


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Welcome to the community. Thanks for bringing this up.
Concealed means concealed :bellhop_bell: as @Karacal pointed out in his reply.
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As far as USCCA membership is concerned, the primary benefit is the training and education content. There is also the magazine. And then the additional benefit of being an additional insured on the self defense liability insurance policy the USCCA purchased, that coverage is for any lawful act of self defense not otherwise excluded…so while it could be with a firearm, it doesn’t necessarily have to be, it could be carry, could be home defense with a firearm, could be without a firearm at all

Side note: I can’t imagine trying to be a gun owner or self defender or Liberty minded person in general, and living in California, NY, NJ, MD, or HI


Let’s All Be All the Way With USCCA


I’m not familiar with the Cali law, but I would imagine that you would still be allowed to own your firearms and keep them in your house. If you had self-defense event, the legal help would still come in handy, and as others have said, the other benefit is training.


“USCCA Membership is not available to residents of New Jersey, New York or Washington State”

Why is this? Are citizens of these states SOOL?

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It’s a state thing.

Residents of those states cannot be members. Other similar-ish organizations and memberships out there are generally not allowed for residents of those states either.

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