NJ Insurance

USCCA pulled out of NJ a few years back because Murphy banned carry insurance. However, with NJ now issuing PCH’s, Murphy issued a new law mandating that we have carry insurance. Now, that law appears to now have been invalidated, so I guess we are back to banning insurance?

I’m curious if anyone knows about efforts or entities trying to make insurance legal in NJ. I’d love to become a USCCA member.

Perhaps the @moderators have some information on the status.


I haven’t looked into them at all but have heard of some lawyers on retainer groups that I think might reduce your expenses in a self defense case but likely is not considered insurance by NJ and other anti self defense States.

I really don’t get why the anti self defense folks have a thing against self defense insurance policies. The argument that the insurance will make people more likely to use deadly force just doesn’t hold true. Are people with car insurance more likely to get into car accidents?

In my personal experience it is the people without insurance who seem to cause the most problems. Those that seek out and maintain their insurance policies are showing a concern for the consequences of their actions and are much more likely to act safely in order to avoid any negative consequences even though they are insured.


That is a totally different thing (what they are requiring is very different from what USCCA membership offers)

At this time USCCA memberships are not allowed in NJ. State level decision.

In general, NJ seems to be moving in the opposite direction (not the direction that might open up the possibility of membership)




Hello and welcome, hopefully NJ can change its leadership and quit trying to one-up IL and CA