New York and USCCA

My son, that lives in New York City (cough cough) finally got his permit to buy a Sign P365. He had come down to Florida and shot different guns of mine and loved the Sig. Of course, the permit is ONLY to keep in his house for self defense. I encouraged him to sign up with USCCA and he just got back to me with this:

“Wanted to let you know that USCCA is no longer available in NY. I was going to sign up, but found out while going through the process. Looks like it was a fairly recent decision by the law makers in NYS.”

What the heck??? Any idea if this is JUST USCCA or ALL such organizations? Any other suggestions?


@moderators can explain better than I can, so calling on them.


When you visit the USCCA website you will find this on the very bottom:

USCCA Membership is not available to residents of New Jersey, New York or Washington State.


Mod or Employee should give a full answer, but the short version is that since USCCA says Delta Defense is offering insurance, the Insurance Commisioners of those states do not allow them to operate in those states. The Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, which explicitly says they are not insurance, has been declared by the Washington State Insurance Comissioner to be an insurance program. They continue to fight this battle. Ironically, ACLDN is headquartered in Washington state.


Thanks for tagging us @Fish

The guys above said pretty much all I would have said already, but yes, USCCA Memberships were deemed illegal in New York State. It’s been at least 3 years since we were unable to offer New York Residents USCCA Membership.

This is something that our executive team is constantly working to find a solution for, but so far there are no updates or improvements.


Encourage your son to contact his local representatives.

That might be the only possible way to get it fixed.


Why is it US Law Sheild is available in Washington, but the USCCA isn’t?


US Law Shield is primarily a legal defense plan and they do not operate in New York and several other states. They will cover legal fees but DO NOT provide coverage in a civil suit.


Good information, thanks!


If USCCA would make basic membership totally for the training and supporting benefits, and make the insurance program an add-on option, not available in NY, NJ, and WA, I would consider joining. I really like the USCCA training program but have selected a different post-event support organization for my own reasons. This change of separating membership form insurance would open a lot of the USCCA benefits to those states.