USCCA and Washington State

Trying to find out if the Insurance Commissioner for the State of Washington has heaped the USCCA and it’s services in with the NRA’s CarryGuard making them illegal in WA. Read it here in the forums and couldn’t find anything mentioning the USCCA on the State’s website just the NRA and CarryGuard. Hopefully someone can enlighten me.

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Great question, @BryanG! I cannot imagine how frustrating it is for you and the other residents of NY and WA who are dealing with these issues. Here’s what’s we know at this point.

The USCCA is not involved in the litigation surrounding the NRA and its Carry Guard program. We are a membership organization and we do not sell insurance. Nevertheless, in an effort to preserve and protect our membership community as a whole, we’ve proactively decided to discontinue offering USCCA memberships to residents of Washington state. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and our loyal members in Washington.

We’ve committed ourselves to exploring all available options and will notify you once we’ve identified the best membership solution for residents of your state.

I can understand that this response doesn’t relieve some of the angst at the situation. As soon as any other options are available, we will be letting everyone know.

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Good evening what about going into Washington State from another state. If one should get into a situation. Would we be covered?


Same question as @Winsam.

If you are a resident of a different state (not NY or WA) and defend yourself with a legal weapon in any US state (including NY and WA), your USCCA membership will be able to assist you in those states.

The situation is very frustrating. We are working on finding a solution for responsibly armed Americans in Washington and New York.


Does this mean that my membership in USCCA will be canceled at renewal? I am a WA resident and have been a member for sometime.

At this point, that is what will happen. I know we are working toward an option that will work in Washington, @Dave4.

We are not giving up on Washington or New York, we are diligently researching our options to help responsibly armed Americans in those states in a way that will be allowed by those states.

Keep your eyes pealed for updates!

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Does this mean I need to purchase my membership in another state while living in Washington to be covered?

Unfortunately that won’t work, @Jason1. Your USCCA Membership is based on your primary address.

I know our team is working very hard to find a way to help our current and former members in New York and Washington.

We’ll update everyone as soon as we have a viable option for you.

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I’m a Washington resident and my membership renews in November. Am I fully cover until November?

Welcome to the Community, @David8!

Your USCCA Membership is in effect until your expiration date in November. At that point, the membership will not be able to be renewed.

The team here is working on a variety of ideas to find one that will work to help responsibly armed Americans in New York and Washington.

As soon as I have any updates I can share, I will share them here.

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So, I just received a voice mail telling me my “insurance” ends at the end of April because I live in WA.

Can someone explain to me what is going on?


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I too live in Washington State. Our state has decreed that “Murder Insurance” as “they” refer to it is not allowed in Washington State neither USCCA or NRA’s product. The USCCA is working to find us something that will help us if the unforseen happens but for now we are not allowed to renew our membership and will be on our own. Another reason this state has fallen off the deep end.


Welcome to the Community, @Steve1. I wish it was under better circumstances for the state of Washington.

@BryanG sums it up. We are exploring a number of possibilities to find one that will allow us to help responsibly armed Americans in Washington and New York. I know that doesn’t relieve the current frustration and concern - and I apologize that I don’t have a better answer for you at this time.

As soon as I have any information on possible solutions, I will share it!


I’m able to elaborate on this a bit more - I wish it included a resolution for USCCA members in Washington, but it doesn’t yet.

I understand it’s frustrating that we cannot keep Washington USCCA memberships active. It breaks all of our hearts to have to tell Washington USCCA members this as we’re all in this together and wish we could keep them as members. But the simple fact is that we’re currently under investigation by the state of Washington’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner. In its preliminary findings, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner has taken the position that certain USCCA member benefits are illegal and against public policy. We totally disagree with their position and have responded to them accordingly. But, until the investigation is over, we have chosen to stop doing business in Washington to mitigate any fines and penalties they will assess and to preserve and protect our overall membership community.

We’re doing everything we can to find a solution that will get you a membership again. It is a priority of everyone here at the USCCA from Tim on down to find a way to get you protected by us ASAP. We aren’t waiting to hear a result from the investigation…we’re working right now to find a way to get you protection no matter what the investigation ends up saying. But we have to hold off on making new memberships or renewing current members in Washington until we discover that solution.

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Dawn is your last response saying my membership in USCCA is no longer valid since I reside in Washington?

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It will be valid until your membership expires, @Stephen. Membership cannot be purchased nor renewed at this point.

So if your current member expiration date is 8/11/19, then your membership is valid until then and cannot be renewed after that.

We are continuing to look into a variety of options that would allow us to offer Washington citizens a membership again. Keep watching for updates, @Stephen!

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@Dawn The commissioner’s office said there is no investigation on USCCA and that only one company that was insuring illegal activity was affected. Why is USCCA cancelling WA memberships?


I have heard something similar from other members who have called the state’s commissioners office. Unfortunately, what they’re telling you does not match what they are telling the USCCA, @Jared2.

I am not sure why the information is not the same.

We are continuing to explore a variety of options so that we can offer memberships and the state of Washington again.


State commissioner office not having consistent information. Shocking

So glad I had an opportunity to leave the left coast. I hope things get better.