Washington State Coverage

I am new to USCCA (magazine only) and now want to join the Platinum level. However, it says because I live in Washington State, I cannot join. WTF?,…over !!

Unfortunately its a state issue not a USCCA issue


Hey Sheepdog556. Our damn Gov Inslee ! Have you found options yet ?


Hey Tim, welcome to the community!

I left Washington for Arkansas 6 years ago. Haven’t regretted a day yet. Unfortunately till Washington changes I dont see how any company could offer you coverage.


Thanks Levi. Am liking this USCCA so far. website is daunting, but that’s just because I’m not 10 years old !


Glad to have you with us, it is a lot to learn, but it’s not bad once you get going. There’s a lot of people here with good experience that have definitely helped me out!


Unfortunately, I won’t be much help on the Washington deal as I live in the greatest state in the country :us::chile:. Just wanted to welcome you to the family. I hope your issue is resolved soon!


Oh, you mean Pennsylvania … except we’re a Commonwealth. :smiley:

@Tim63 welcome!


I’ve never understood the states that keep their citizens from joining USCCA. What is their rationale? How is that legal?


If a blue state says it’s illegal, it’s illegal even if it’s illegal to do just that. Think big gulps! Isn’t that just grand. You can loot and kill law enforcement but you can’t get coverage for firearms ownership. They are using the “gun show” loop hole. They are considering USCCA a form of insurance.
@Dawn will know better.


OK, thanks. I don’t mean this as criticism (although I’m sure there’s much to criticize), I just really don’t know what the issue is. So they’re considering USCCA to be an insurance company and regulating them that way?

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Yes. Somewhere in this community is much more information on the subject

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@Dawn will be able to give more information when it becomes finalized but I do know the USCCA is working with the Washington state leadership to find an acceptable solution to this issue.

Washington (state) was saying what the USCCA offered was insurance and it was being sold without a license, when in reality the membership benefits are not insurance at all.

I know the two parties are in negotiations but where they are at and the details are unknown and from what I understand must stay that way until an official agreement is reached.

Dawn has promised us to keep us up today as soon as any more information can legally be released.

Hang in there help is on the way (but as we all know government wheels move slowly).


Edited to correct content I had miss typed.

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Thanks for that info.

It’s just odd to me. I signed up for the training and the community, so to be told that others can’t join seems like a clear 1st Amendment issue to me. I disagree with the “insurance” angle, but at least now I understand what their stance is based on.

I too feel your pain. I felt more secure about carrying with the USCCA program. I still carry but, having your 6 o’clock covered was pretty nice. I too have thought of leaving the state but, if we, Washingtonians, are the people and we do have a voice. I am curious how US Law shield is able to offer insurance coverage in Washington State? I know the USCCA is working on this diligently and hopefully will come up with something soon.
How can we help?

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Thank you all for comments. Especially DBrogue. Sounds like the same fight the NRA is fighting with the state of New York. I put my money on USCCA now though. NRA seems to be going downhill. Still carrying, but agree with Todd30 it would be nice to have your 6 covered.

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