Insurance commissioner in Washington state


I received a call earlier today from the uscca stating that after January 7th I would no longer be covered with my concealed carry insurance in Washington State because of some new rule or regulation and some verbage that the insurance commissioner didn’t care for. Does anybody have any info about what they changed? My gut is telling me that someone who is against the Second Amendment is trying to make changes to make it hard to carry.




Sorry to hear that, Steve. I really loved Washington when I was stationed in Bremerton in 1981. My kids were at Lewis-McChord and still enjoyed the area but not so much Seattle. One of the most beautiful places in the USA and now a haven for communists.


Welcome @Steve7, happy to have you here. @Dawn can give you more information about what’s happening, what we know, and what we don’t.

Yes, we believe that it’s being done as a way of limiting people’s right to self defense.

here’s a couple other threads to help you catch up with what’s happening in your home state.

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@Zee lists a bunch of great resource threads about what happened in Washington, @Steve7. As soon as I have more information I can share, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops (and posting it everywhere).

We’re continually working toward the solution that will allow us to sell USCCA memberships in Washington state again.

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