The USCCA is worth it


I came upon the USCCA purely by accident in December of 2015. The more I read the more intrigued I became and made the decision to become a member in January of 2016. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. The level of legal protection, and training available is second to none. The price of membership, though high for some, is an investment in the safety and protection of your family and yourself, which is something you cannot put a price on.
I have found I get my membership fees back many times over between the training available, fantastic discounts on their products and publications. I just ordered their “Bullet” flash drive which is over flowing with videos and reading material of all kinds. I believe it goes for over $300, but was offered for $27 to platinum or elite members. That almost paid for my membership.
I have talked to almost a hundred different people during my years with them and have never found anyone like them. They are my extended family. I can call them at anytime with questions about firearms, to share articles I’ve read, or sometimes just to talk. Many time they have been a port in the storm, a safe harbor. You never feel like just a number on their roster. Some have gotten to know me as Mike (not sir).
There are many imitators out there with similar claims of protection and service, but there is only one USCCA.
NOTE: I have not been paid or compensated in any way for my opinion. I am just a very happy and satisfied member


@Mike, I am completely humbled reading your post. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with you numerous times through our social media outlets over the last three years - and the pleasure has been mine!

The USCCA team is like a big family and our members are part of that family. I am honored to say we’ve got your back!


I first found out about CCW liability insurance in May of 2016 from the YouTube channel theyankeemarshal. My reaction was essentially, that actually exhists? I then spent a week researching all the options I could find and, based on price vs. products and, instructional videos available I decided on the USCCA. Other than the instructor course I took early on I had not really interacted with the employees until I signed up for Twitter recently. Now that I have been interacting with various employees my faith in them has only increased. I consider my decision to join one of the best self defense decisions I have made.


I don’t know how Tim finds so many awesome people to work for him, but he’s sure good at it.


U.S.C.C.A is by far the best route you can go. Aside from the benefits of being a member, the interactions with the team members and the conversations between Twitter, Facebook and just a phone call are amazing. Now there’s, here where you can get not only a conversation but questions answered by fellow concealed carry individuals. You guys are great…:grin:


I actually came across the USCCA through an advertisement. I saw it a few times and then when I took my CCW class and the instructor was a USCCA instructor, I decided it was time to join the USCCA because I wasn’t comfortable not being able to pay legal fees.


My CCW instructor discussed carry insurance, and he listed USCCA, since he had found a reciprocity map on the USCCA website. I did some research, and the USCCA packages seemed best for me. Coming up on 3 years with them now, and couldn’t be happier.


You are all awesome! The USCCA is the way it is because of our amazing members! We LOVE talking with you and are passionate about being there for you along your self-defense journey!



I totally agree, it is worth it. I found USCCA Through an internet search. When my hubby and I took CC classes they mentioned insurance. I started looking into the insurance they mentioned and it was NOT insurance but rather a fund that would reimburse you IF you were found to be justified in defending yourself. That was not good enough for me. I started looking at other companies and comparing benefits. USCCA is the only one that pays for your attorney and doesn’t make you reimburse if you are found guilty. Now, I know what you are going to say, If I was properly trained and only pulled my weapon when I was in fear for my life I would never be found guilty. WELL… Let me tell you what is going on in St. Louis right now. St. Louis county elected a prosecuting attorney that will not prosecute certain crimes and does not believe in the death penalty. He has also informed county police that they are not to respond for some crimes. Now, lets put all personal beliefs aside and look at the facts . Every law or rule has someone’s name on it. The man he is refusing to seek the death penalty for walked into a religious supply store and sexually assaulted two women at gun point and shot and killed the third woman when she refused to be assaulted. I’d say that deserves the death penalty and the crime fits the punishment according the laws in my state. When you have a person like this making decisions on your life, you need to protect yourself at all costs. You could go hire any defense attorney but unless they understand the law in your state / county/ city, you could end up in big trouble. My state has a huge gray area that is open to interpretation. I want someone defending me that is going to interpret that to my advantage. I tell people about USCCA all the time and get the same thoughtless response. " Just because I am prosecuted doesn’t mean I will be found guilty. If I follow the law I will be cleared so I don’t insurance". Really? Because I have been divorced and through custody battles and can tell you that the end result is not what you should be thinking about. When you go to court, you miss work. When they say be there at 9 am, that doesn’t mean court is at 9 and you will be at work by 10. That means you will be there until you get called and you will not be paid, you will pay for parking that whole time, and you will be paying your attorney 200 - 400 and hour that whole time! That will not happen just once but multiple times. $300 a year is NOTHING compared to the amount of time , money you won’t get back and aggravation and the damage that stress will do to your body.


Is it worth it, ask yourself this, can you financially afford not to have coverage. Bail money, attorney fees, possible civil lawsuit which could wipeout everything you have. I’d say it’s worth it, you bet it is,!


It’s WELL WORTH it. I’d rather spend my money here than in court.


I like the USCCA because they have my back in case something happen. They have great customer service and training.

Tom noe


So very true. Me too peace of mind

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I found USCCA through, believe it or not, the NRA. I was looking into the insurance the NRA offers and USCCA came up in the search. After comparing the two, it was literally a no brainer. I never knew how much more USCCA would give us; the magazine, training videos etc. I mentioned it to a family member, who I didn’t know owned a gun and thinks it’s not necessary to have insurance. I got a snide “How do you sleep at night thinking of all this stuff?” I replied “I sleep a lot better than you should be!”


Worth every penny! I too more or less stumbled upon USCCA fairly early in my journey to carrying concealed. I needed to know the issues and needed to know the trade offs Involved in the choices I was making, even if I didn’t know I was making a choice. I got all that and more out of Concealed Carry magazine, the wealth of knowledge contained in those pages alone is worth the cost of the membership. Then you get the insurance protection on top of that. That protection is essential…One of the things I learned quickly from reading the magazine is that in that worst case scenario, surviving the incident doesn’t necessarily end it, you have to survive the aftermath too.


100% agreed on every point, I found USCCA to have good reviews and when we became members I was overwhelmed with the complete value with all the resources and information available that I didn’t fully realize prior to joining.

Yet for me it’s the customer service experience that is the clincher, it is far beyond any level I’ve experienced from any company in a very long time. The interaction and responsiveness to people who care and always willing to help.

That’s the difference in my book, when someone doesn’t take you money and run, but gives you the time of day for me that’s golden.


I signed up for USCCA when I didn’t have a firearm of any kind because they insure ANY kind of incident, not just gun-related. That comes in handy for a martial artist like me.


I learned of firearm coverage from my son in the Fall of 2017. He bought a gun after LTC course, which convinced me I needed to buy a handgun. He told me about two different memberships. At one point I joined both (long story) but I narrowed it down to USCCA with the help of one of the USCCW reps. I compared and realized that not only was I getting a good deal as a veteran but covered my wife for a fraction of the coverage for me. I joined December 2018 and went through LTC class in December for a discounted price. My wife is waiting for the summer. She’s a rediculously busy teacher. We went with the premium coverage, Platnum? Gotta check but we both feel so much better being covered.


We’re so glad to have you and your wife in the USCCA family, Mark! You can private message me here if you have questions. I can look those details up for you and answer membership questions as well. :wink:

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I’m Mike not Mark. You made a booboo, and here I was thinking you were perfect. What am I going to do now?

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