Why Do You Love The USCCA?

Really, what do you love about the USCCA?

My reasons are pretty obvious, which include the company and staff always treat me like apart of the family, along with them being courteous, and always prompt to answer any concerns.

Last, but not least, I feel protected(Like a mother bear watching out for her cubs).

Below, name a reason why you love the USCCA!


For me it is the same as @Randall318 stated. But also all of the training info and materials that they have as well.


Being publically shamed and then flogged.



I love this community! Oh, and the training, the protection, the great member service!


We’ve only been dating for five months. It’s all still alpenglow for me. Or, would Aspenglow say it better? Both, either, mean a lot to me.

Just so USCCA so far.


I feel protected, safe, if I need to draw, fire or not.

I love the materials I get through USCCA as well.



You don’t want to put a ring on it yet??? :rofl::rofl:


I’ll say this… .

We’re a new and rapidly growing organization. We have a lot of very dedicated instructors, staff, TC’s that know their material well and mean well.

The down side to this is we have a lot of instructors and staff with very little real world experience beyond what they’ve learned in USCCA classes.

The upside to the people we have is that they are all willing to listen and learn and I think to a man/woman everyone I’ve dealt with in the cadre or staff is constantly trying to get that real world experience and education above and beyond our coursework.

The best thing? The coverage and all of the training and educational resources which even without the legal coverage should we ever need it is worth far more than the cost of membership.

Warts and all it’s the most positive firearms/self defense related/ concentrated organization I’ve been a part of.


I like the people, when you call customer service always extremely courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, I have a tendency to be a bit of a talker, so I think they all do a fine job there at USCCA, Nobody could do a better job in the community than Dawn. I like the YouTube videos KevinM presents his Scenarios, also; the program my Platinum program but I will bump it up after the 1st of the year to Elite we’re getting a new house and I feel more secure with the stronger program. I like the attorney network, When I first got my license I had another but was never satisfied, seemed like very amateur and as I found my way around I learned more and found I outgrew that company. So those are some of the reasons I like the USCCA


I can get behind this.

The first and most important

  1. They are actively engaged and actively listening to you.
  2. They could probably close the doors tomorrow and open a consulting business training other companies call centers and make bank. But if you do I want to invest.
  3. Seriously the nicest people I have ever met. If I have a problem they seriously stay on phone until they solve or figure out if it can’t be. Then they will still try to get you some help.
  4. Poster children for integrity, customer service, and just flat out nice people.
  5. Responsive, if you have a good idea they will listen to it.
    6)I did mention @Dawn and @Zee ?
    7 ) the first thing you hear when you call is them asking if you need help.
  6. You can tell they care. I feel like I am talking to a friend when I call no matter who I get on phone or email or instant messenger.

What drew me to the USCCA and has kept me engaged is the training, materials and articles are all related to being a responsibly armed citizen.

I also love all the what if articles that paint the picture of a situation we could find ourselves in and have to make a life altering decision. Those articles also provoke a great deal of thought, which I find overwhelmingly beneficial.


@Zavier_D :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What all y’all said :grin:

I think my first USCCA instructor really did a great job of representing not just the goals and values of the organization but its heart and character… integrity, excellence, investment in the students and members, genuinely personal interest, and some of the best teaching I’ve had.

The training materials ROCK and the ongoing education that challenges us to think is deeply important.

I’ve been through teacher or coach certification on a variety of disciplines through other orgs, including the NRA. I think the materials to prepare us as trainers, and the high standards they require to become certified are pretty awesome and clearly stand out among the orgs I’ve trained with.

The USCCA staff is pretty awesome and @Dawn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This community is The BEST :grin: People who are here to learn and teach and bring every one of us up to a higher level of skill and a clearer way of thinking. Plus there are some Very Serious People on here, folks who know stuff and who’ve done stuff, people who I’d trust to stand my 6 anytime, anywhere… and its remarkable to be in that company.


I think all of you guys had a WONDERFUL answer!!

Glad to have family like ya’ll (Yes, I said family)


I don’t love nuttn about the USCCA. Notice the double negative and you’ll realize I’m only kidding. KM’s “Into the Fray” is my favorite because while they are short & sweet they are informative and prompt me to train more.


Do you want to know why I love the USCCA? YOU! The staff at the USCCA is some of the highest caliber of people I’ve ever had the honor to work and train with. The instructors (we are not direct USCCA Staff) are passionate about the mission and truly want to help save people’s lives! The volunteers (@Zee to name my favorite :heart_eyes:) are out of this world!

But without YOU, we wouldn’t be able to do what we are so passionate about - helping YOU protect yourself and your loved ones. YOU are eager to learn and share and help each other – and me – learn and grow.

Thanks to all of you, I have the honor of helping you and others grown and train for a self-defense incident - and I pray every day that it never happens to you. But if you’re faced with the worst day of your life, I hope that you have learned as much as you can and have the mental and physical tools you need to get home to your family safe and sound at the end of the day.


Been a member since 2015 and if you kept me interested for this long trust me nothing else to be said except you all are keepers!


There have been several checklists that have made me go back and rethink things. I’ve always liked learning new things. My next goal is to try and get some training as soon as I can fit it into my budget. Going to the range to me doesn’t properly train you on things like cover and concealment.


That is an awesome goal, @John150! A very budget-friendly way to augment your training until then is checking out all of the different training tips here (of course :wink: ) and also check out your YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/USCCAtraining/

It’s definitely not the same as training in a class or with an instructor, but it is a great place to build some knowledge!


I love USCCA because of the protection I have and to keep up in all the latest laws and to hear of people’s opinions!


Really couldn’t say it any better.