Thank you USCCA

I would like to Thank USCCA for their Attorney listings.
I contacted an Attorney to check on his listing. I was told he was on call for USCCA 24/7 and would be there for me and my wife if needed. I must admit it was my wife’s suggestion to join USCCA for the legal protection reason.
Since then I’ve done many online videos and courses and USCCA Instructor courses, classes/range. The teachings and instructors have mostly change my mental perspective on carrying concealed. (For the better).
Again, Thank you USCCA.


That’s a great experience and thanks for sharing it! Our local guy is the best attorney I’ve ever met and he even comes and visits with me during larger CCW classes.

He’ll answer questions and gives folks his personal cell phone number! He was thoroughly vetted by the folks at the USCCA and he was military AND Law Enforcement before he became an attorney. Pro 2nd and fiercely pro your right to defend yourself.


I need to check that meself!

@William377 Did you add that attorney to your profile?

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PDA3, Thank you for the reminder.

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That’s awesome to hear, thank you so much for sharing.

It’s great that you are find all the value in your membership and taking advantage of all that the USCCA offers. Keep training and be sure to spread the word and take advantage of the USCCA Referral program!

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