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Hi! Fairly new USCCA member from Green Cove Springs. Has anyone contacted any of the USCCA network attorneys in the NE FL area just to get more familiar with their services and introduce yourselves? What have your experiences been?



Not from your area. But will tell you how I found my USCCA attorney.

I made a list of the top criminal defense attorneys who were active in 2nd Amendment issues. Interviewed them until I found one I liked. Explained what the USCCA was how it was not an insurance company. His fee was his fee no board to clear it through. He said sounded good . Called Membership Service and got him added as my attorney. They sent him an email packet and it was done.


You can definitely research the attorneys in our attorney network, @PDA3! Or, if you have a defense attorney you already know, like and is well versed in self-defense, you can call and have his/her information added to your account as your attorney.

Hi @Dawn! I don’t have a defense attorney. So I was interested in any information the members have on the Jacksonville attorneys. Maybe I could narrow it down instead of researching all of them.

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Have you heard of the website avvo.com? It’s an attorney review website. That might help?

Also, check out their social media or google reviews.

Hopefully someone in the Community is in your area and can give you some additional insights. :slight_smile:

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Hello Green Cove Springs ! I have been here for 20 years now, Close to Orange Park, Florida.
Please contact USCCA and ask for directions and you can choose the attorney close to you and
ask for your directions and questions, please. I did it and they help me, very much. I know that
attorneys’ are listed state by state that are on USCCA’s Team that will help us in the time of need
and USCCA Staff will help you.

Now I do not feel alone anymore. Thank you for being a part of a great team, USCCA.

William Smith

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