Where do I find the attorny for my area

How can I find the attorney section for Wisconsin?


Welcome to the family sister @Donna37 ,glad you could join us. If you have the USCCA app you can see a list of attorneys in your area.


@Donna37 >>> USCCA CAN HELP YOU FIND A Attorney in your area that
has a relationship with USCCA/DELTA. they can put that attorney information in your file. If you call the HOT LINE THAT ATTORNEY WILL SPRING INTO ACTION AND Represent you ( WE HOPE ) GIVE THEM A CALL, THEY WORK FOR US. >


The attorney network list has been removed from the USCCA app’s latest version(s).

The USCCA website, via the dashboard, is a good way to find them. When you log in through a browser on a computer, or a mobile device browser with “view desktop” selected, you can click the gray circle in the top right corner (it will have a one letter first name initial), then click the arrow by Membership Benefits to expand it, and click “in case of emergency”, scroll down to find attorney network.

Or, straight from the dashbaord landing page after logging in, just scroll down and look for the rectangular button “in case of emergency”, click it, then scroll down to the pic of people in suits and click “find representation”


@Nathan57 it has? I did not know that, guess I need to check it more often, thank you brother.


It may still be there on iOS, not sure, but it is not there for Android at this time

Edit: I opened my iPad, it is still there in iOS.

Click the “more” in bottom right hand corner of the main (black/gold) USCCA app, then “find an attorney”, for me that opens up the attorney network in a browser tab


Well, that’s convenient if I happen to have my laptop with me and an internet connection if I’m involved in a self defense shooting.


If you are a USCCA member, and you are involved in a self defense incident, after calling 911, just call the number on the back of your membership card 877-677-1919 (or any other number to reach Delta Defense as service provider of the USCCA, really). Listen to the prompts, hit * to go straight to the CRT line. Or don’t, and just say it when you get a person, and then go straight to the CRT line.

The CRT member, one of the things they do, when needed, is get an attorney from the network for you, in the event you don’t already have one in mind or noted on your account.

You don’t need to go the website on your cell phone and look at the attorney list after a self defense incident. You can. I mean, if you can, you can. But you don’t have to.

You can also, if you choose, do that now, and call in and have your preferred attorney noted on your account (your criminal defense attorney does not have to be from the network)

Edit: I also suggest providing at least one emergency contact. Trusted friend or family, somebody who might be a point of contact between you and the CRT. Call and have them added to your account. Talk to them about it, have them put 877-677-1919 in their phone, and tell them the same instructions that are on the back of the membership card, basically


Welcome to the family @Donna37 and God bless you


Thank you glad to be here!!


Have the app, where is the list of attorneys?


Welcome to the family brother. There is a lot to learn here from a lot of knowledgeable people. Hope you enjoy your time on the forum and God bless you.

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Thank you.


Go to member benefit overview on the USCCA Dashboard and click on it and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says attorney network and click on that.


Log in to your USCCA Member Dashboard at www.usconcealedcarry.com (Log In in the the top right, do forgot password and enter your email address associated with your membership if needed)

Multiple ways from there. You scroll down to the In case of Emergency rectangle (perfectly okay to click), and then scroll down again to the Attorney picture and “find representation”.

That will take you to the USCCA Attorney Network with a drop down box that sorts by state.

You can also get it by clicking the gray circle in the top right corner with a one letter initial of your first name and clicking on membership benefits)


Found it and thank you.