Choosing your lawyer

I’ve know USCCA let’s me pick my own lawyer. I’ve been looking up local lawyers for the last couple years and trying to decide whom would be best should I ever have a self-defense incident. Maine has three lawyer s in the network, none of which fill me with a lot confidence.

How do I go about ensuring I can get the lawyer I want? Do I contact them via email or phone and set something up or just keep their numbers inside my wallet until I need to make such a call?

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I found mine by looking for lawyers In my city that handled self defense and were specialized criminal defense attorneys. Made a list and started to talk to them. Talked to them all and chose the one highest on my list.

Then I called the USCCA member support team and got that Attorney added as my attorney should one ever be needed.

Finding the attorney was the hard part. Member support adding him to my profile was very easy.

Hopefully, it’s never needed, just as I hope my self defense training and hand gun are never needed.



You can definitely choose your attorney, @Kage, and @Zavier_D has a great suggestion. I actually was getting his contact information together for Expo (he volunteered for a video and I needed his info for the person arranging everything) and his attorney choice is noted in his file. Not everyone does that, but you are more than welcome to choose an attorney before hand and let us know.

A couple of suggestions about how to choose an attorney - check the USCCA Attorney Network in your dashboard to see which attorneys in your area have already been vetted as self-defense attorneys or pro-2A attorneys.

Then check them out via their website or an attorney referral website like

You do NOT have to choose an attorney before you have an incident and I cannot guarantee you’ll get your attorney for the initial response to the self-defense incident (time of day, vacations, illnesses, location, etc. all can play into that). But you can use your attorney for the rest of your defense.

Hope that helps!


Thanks to both of you, very helpful!


Did you have to pay to speak to each attorney you interviewed?


Some I did. Was a nominal fee if on phone. Could usually cross off the ones who weren’t specialized in 2A or self defense.


@Kage - Thank you Kage for this thread. I was able to find a excellent attorney
through the USCCA network. @Dawn - Thank you for your info about adding
an attorney to my profile. One phone call to Ashley at USCCA and I now have
a attorney that will be called in my area in case of an incident. Mike_T


Going to add my attorney to my daughters membership board as well.


@Dawn, the link to David McDermott is not correct on the USCCA Attorney Network:

It is listed as:

It should be:

Edit: I “talked” to Michael in an online chat regarding updating the link. He said he would take care of it.


Glad to help!


Thanks, @Gary_H! I’ll send that feedback to the Critical Response Team to have them follow up :slight_smile: