How do this work?

If I get into a event. I call the police and hot line. At that time if the police take me in does the hotline send a lawyer for me?


Contact @USCCA at Contact Us | USCCA Contact Information | 800-674-9779

Great question, @AZJustMe2021! On the membership dashboard, there are post-incident instructions.

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I always recommend people put the USCCA in their phone as a contact so they don’t have to remember a phone number or google search anything. Also, tell your family about your USCCA membership in case you do not have a chance to call before the police arrive at the scene.

Make sure you tell the police you will cooperate, but you’re not going to talk with them any further until you’ve spoken with your attorney. (^^^^ Follow their instructions and request medical attention if necessary.)

When you call the USCCA, follow the prompts to be connected to the Critical Response Team. They will get a little bit of information from you (name, location, confirm your USCCA membership) and then reach out to one of the Critical Response Attorneys in the USCCA Attorney Network. That attorney will then get in touch with you ASAP.

BTW, the Attorneys in the USCCA Attorney Network are vetted for legal self-defense experience. These attorneys have agreed to be available for emergency calls 24/7 from the USCCA Critical Response Team.

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Have my contacts in first name list had to change USCCA to (ACTION USCCA) to have it at the top of list. "Sorry honey “Always " your still number 1”

Can you suggest any of the state certified attorneys to contact ?

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LOL! :heart_eyes:

Meaning can we suggest one right now? (If that’s what you meant, check out the Attorney Network list on your USCCA dashboard ( and log in through the link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.))

If you’re asking if you can use an attorney you know, yes. What I would suggest you do is call in at any point and have that attorney’s information added to your USCCA account as your preferred attorney. But make sure he doesn’t just keep bankers’ hours.

You can also work with a USCCA Network attorney for the initial aftermath and change attorneys if you have another attorney in mind. PLEASE make sure that other attorney has legal self-defense knowledge.