Self Defense attorneys in Louisville, KY?

Need list of experienced 2A attorneys in Louisville, KY. Thanks.

@MikeBKY Pretty sure this guy is on the list.

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Look at this post. My guess is that every listed attorney is an experienced one… :upside_down_face:

If you look at your dashboard when you log in to the USCCA website, there is a box titled " :warning: IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY" that has a link to the USCCA Attorney Network. Here is a link to go directly to the Kentucky list: Attorneys Archive | USCCA


Looking in Indiana. I found found four in area from dashboard. Now the question how to determine the best one? Any links to questions will be appreciated.

Look for @MikeBKY. He is a regular and respected contributor to the forum.
And also please join the USCCA. It will save your house and retirement $. I hope it’s not too late.

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I think I’d trust anyone on the USCCA site.
You don’t necessarily need Matlock. You just need a competent attorney who understands firearms and self-defense laws. You could hire the “best” attorney in your area, but if s/he hasn’t focused on firearms and self-defense, you’re paying a lot of money for nothing. An attorney who is merely competent in your state’s laws will give you a huge advantage when it’s time to talk to the prosecutor.

The best attorney for you depends on what your needs are. Have you been charged criminally? Are you you seeking advice on gun laws? Are you trying to change gun laws or challenge whether a law is constitutional? 2A covers a lot of ground and areas of law and this is definitely not a one size fits all question.

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Thanks @Ouade5 first questioned answered.

@MikeBKY Just looking to have a number in speed dial and PRAY its never used, Of course using information in community, web site and training to Be Prepared for unforeseen incidents with firearms.

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I’d suggest you give them a call and ask a few questions to see how you feel about them.