What is the USCCA

You’d think this would be a very easy question to answer but I found out last week emailing back and forth with the staff it apparently isn’t.

I’m building a new website and emailed asking if there’s a template or statement of purpose, or other similar page on the website I could copy and paste as an intro to the USCCA for people visiting my site.

After several attempts I never could get a straight answer so I’m having to wing it for myself.

Is our legal protection “insurance” or is simply a benefit provided to members of the organization?

Is the USCCA politically active in the 2nd Amendment and fight to expand carry rights?

The training and resources part is a no brainer, the site offers probably the best available online resoruce for CC law from state to state, reciprocity, restrictions etc.

After three decades as a firearms instructor and already as a member I started getting the daily/weekly training emails and got very interested in the program. After a year or so there was an instructor’s level class in my area so I jumped in.

The class confirmed my prior impression that for anyone who’s serious about self defense, particularly armed self defense and has even a decent background in handguns the program offers the most realistic and short route to competency I’ve seen.

No matter where you are in your level of training something can be gained progressing through the various courses and levels so I’ve been a staunch supporter and have been recommending to my students they consider joining and taking USCCA training courses for a couple of years.

Now, Dawn, can any of ya’ll help me, I need to put this together and get it up pretty quickly. Thanks, CR

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I’m a Platinum member and loving it. I won’t speak to the organization itself, but as for the Community, well. This is a like-minded group of people that I really enjoy sharing with. The good, the new, the bad, the sad. All of it. A lot of people here that I think I would enjoy spending time with and that I have quickly come to respect. SO much knowledge and willingness to share.

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couldn’t argue any of that even if I wanted to.

Trying to figure out though the details.


A community, support group, knowledge center, a way to meet friends, family you didn’t know you had. An advice column about most things could want advice on. A flashlight for if the darkest day of your life should come, with legal, emotional and mental support to help you find your way again.

And a place for @Zee to like everything you post. :laughing::innocent::laughing:


@Spence I represent that remark :laughing:
BTW, I “liked” your comment :+1:


@WildRose if you send me an email with everything you are looking for I can see what we can do to help you out with that.


That’s weird, @Wildrose, you should have gotten a pretty consistent answer from anyone you talked to here. I’ll PM you for more details.

The USCCA provides legal protection to our members for if they have to legally defend themselves after a physical self-defense incident with any legal weapon. We are not a political organization.

From our website:

The USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) is a membership organization that provides self-defense education, training and legal protection to responsibly armed Americans like you.

Since its inception in 2003, and together with its flagship publication Concealed Carry Magazine , the USCCA has proudly supported a community of hundreds of thousands of patriots from all around the country. It’s our mission to arm our loyal members with the tools they need to safely and confidently protect themselves and their loved ones with the utmost peace of mind.

Does that help, @Wildrose? If you’re ever on a deadline, please feel free to PM me too as I check those first thing whenever I log on.


Thanks for sending that email, @Wildrose! I see what happened. They were focused on the building a website portion of the email and didn’t realize you were asking for a blurb about the USCCA. I think it’s time for more coffee for the person who answered your email. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’d like a more detailed description than what I shared above and I can work with you over PM/Email to get you what you need.


The USCCA is the only company the fully protects your civil assets as well as criminal protection. It is a big deal to have your assets covered in a self defense incident. Criminal exoneration isn’t the end of the incident. It will extend into a civil trial and the USCCA picks up the slack where other companies won’t. There isn’t another product out there that will fully encompass the responsibly armed American the way the USCCA does. We leave no gaps!

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Welcome to the Community, @Ricky! Glad to have you here!

Dawn did you come up with a more complete answer that addresses all of my questions?

Absent something better I’ll wing it. I’d like to basically copy and paste what’s on this page and then add some comments of my own.

I can always email you so you can pass around the page once I have it ready to publish so you can pass it around to see if anyone wants to add/subtract from it.

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I think that page would be a great resource for you, @Wildrose. Let me know if you need anything else!

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Not to hijack this thread but I see/have two issues.
THis forum is not accessible from the app and is not highly notable on the website. Not a big deal but would think the powers to be would want feed back on ease of use for members.


It’s new, they’re still working the bugs out and feeling their way along. I’m sure Dawn will forward those issues to the IT folks.


You’re very right, @Ryan4! And @WildRose nailed the answer on the head. The Community is still pretty new - we have been building slowly to make sure we are able to interact with people and cultivate a positive learning environment for all.

At some point it will be in the app. I’m not sure what our plan is for a Community “landing” page of sorts, but you can find it through your dashboard and at www.uscca.com/community.

I interact on the Community a lot through my phone using my Chrome browser on an iPhone. It works pretty well for not being in the app.

Thanks for the feedback and PLEASE keep it coming! You can always tag me (@dawn) to be sure I see your comments. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you here, Ryan!