Why Do You Love The USCCA?

It took me 9 days to think about this. And I have found I don’t love USCCA… Ok. please don’t judge me here… I do not love USCCA, because I love my wife, I love my kids… USCCA is lower in my “emotional scale”. :wink:
So I can say " I like USCCA". And I like it because of the people - staff and members. I really enjoy every second spent on this Forum. I think I’ve learnt more here than on every class I’ve attended. And I really appreciate it… you see, that’s the reason to like USCCA :+1:
I like @Dawn for every word she’s been writing here…
I like @Tom_Grieve for every word he said…
I like @KevinM for every video he shares with us…
I like Steve Fisher for the same as I like @KevinM
I like ALL the Members of this Forum for every single discussion…
I can tell -> my “like” is almost “love”… but “love” is reserved for my Family :wink:
I’m proud to be a part of this Forum !

  1. Modern, learned, fresh and humble firearms related content, instruction, discussion and people.

I chose to be USCCA Instructor. My boss at LifeSafe Training is an Certified “everything” Instructor for NRA. He now teach USCCA material, instead. He explained to me our mission of non-dogmatic education and self improvement. That’s why the USCCA works for us.

  1. Legit professionals. For those of you that don’t know, to become an instructor, part of the requirements is a 2 day course for instructor-candidates. The focus was on how best to teach and communicate the content. Making classrooms dynamics and fun helps people learn better. I like that. Mission focused, not doctrine focused.

  2. Holistic. USCCA cares about the whole experience and holistically develops programs to suit. Permits, first purchase, holsters and gear, training tool, drills, mind set, planning, legal, aftermath, community, and more — all part of the USCCA experience.

Responding to others:
Generally and genuinely I appreciate the other views and takes of all matters in these community pages.

@MikeBKY I get it! Me too!
@CHRIS4 Hysterical! Is it too soon to talk about a wedding? :slight_smile:
@WildRose “very little real world experience” Good note. I might be one of those. I take 4 classes a year to try to combat that concern (Seeklander, Vickers, Leatham, and PatMac). What else should/ can I do? I appreciate the note, excellent!
@WildRose You hit the nail on the head — Positive Organization. Yes Yes Yes!
@Robert8 Customer service is usually good, totally agree!
@Zavier_D Bravo Zulu!

Okay, enough of this yucky display of admiration.
To the range!

“Work hard at work worth doing.” T.R.


Happy Birthday, @midnight05!!


Thanks!! Having a good day messing around!!


This is a big thing for me as well. in 2004-2006 I certified under the NRA to teach all disciplines except black powder and CC - and having certified for teaching multiple disciplines under USCCA over the last year or so, I think the USCCA has the stronger training, materials and definitely mission focus.


Happy belated birthday @midnight05 !!!

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Cripes, no pressure now Jerzy! Thank you for tuning in!


Again this is why I LOVE the USCCA!

Although, Leah and I had a rough week due to our miscarriage, @Dawn responded with much though, and had us in tears when we were on the way to UPS to send my usual gift to all my “family” up there! This meant more than you know !!!



If you find that to put pressure on you, imagine me saying, I look unto both you and @MikeBKY as an example of the type of attorney I pray to become!

Feel the Burn–:rofl::rofl:


Randall, drop me a message and let’s talk!


I love the peace of mind they provide should that event ever occur when I must pull the trigger to defend myself or anyone. The obvious training and learning materials and products they offer are a bonus and a welcome addition to that peace of mind. Being disabled I find that these additions help me to solidify the absolute parameters where I must draw the line in that event. I’m not able to run away as others might be. Thank goodness I live in a stand your ground or castle doctrine state in which constitutional carry was passed and went effective the beginning of November. Effectively nullifying my ccw permit but I have it none the less. A very personal and heartfelt thank you goes to the USCCA team for the awesome materials and education they provide.

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