USCCA brand amunition

Here’s something to consider. Why not have USCCA brand ammunition available for members at member prices? Range and EDC ammo could be offered.
Who’d buy it? I know I would.


Maybe range ammo but probably not self defense ammo.

My gun store of choice told me that the next state up. Washington is looking to ban the ability to have USCCA insurance and the reason is, that its really murder insurance so you are more likely to kill people…

If USCCA had branded self defense ammo that at one point had to be used in self defense, that sounds like a legal nightmare from these liberal prosecutors. Person claims self defense shooting another person. Person who claimed self defense pays for insurance (murder insurance), is being defended by that insurer. And the person used the insurance branded ammo (murder branded ammo).

I can imagine the legal problems gun grabbers would dream up.

Range ammo ok, self defense. No…

I agree that misperception of what the USCCA is, is a problem. I have heard people talk the same way. I don’t think a normal hollowpoint would make that perception any worse, however if they were to design something like the RIP by G2 then maybe because its such a radical/ scary looking round (despite malfunctioning issues)

Trying to think of the thought process some of these crazies use to try and charge someone protecting themselves from serious bodily injury or death, its painful to try and lower myself to that point… still, branded ammo for self defense by a company that sells self defense insurance… im sure someone will come uo with something to cause issues with it

These days people have a cow about everything. Liberals and Demoncrats are the problem, not the responsible gun owner. We are the least of the problems.

My idea about USCCA ammo was just that, an idea. I never took into account the”MF” (moron factor).


Its a very difficult thought process to follow but best ive been able to understand is the would be theif is the real victim (of society) its everyone else’s fault that they slipped through the cracks and became so desperate and you’re (us) are the bad guy for using deadly force to defend yourself against them (by which you robbed them of the chance to reform and becaome a model citizen). I wish I could live in this lovely little world they’ve dreamed up.

While we don’t have USCCA ammo, I will definitely suggest some sort of partnership with a provider, much like our member-only discounts we currently have.

Keep up the great ideas! :slight_smile:


Gosh it saddens me to read how some states are so set out on violating the right of its citizens.


It helps you to understand how a Civil War starts

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It irritates me more than it saddens me. But yes, I see blatantly how some states are set out on making it so those who live in the state can’t defend themselves much less have the basic right to freedom of speech and religion.


@Dawn I did some research on this topic of Washington banning self-defense insurance recently and came across a forum that said that USCCA membership insurance was not being sold to those in NY state. Is this accurate? Or was that simply a misunderstanding?

I have to admit I’m ignorant about this, but how can buying insurance, of any kind, be banned? Has it gotten that bad?

I know the anti-American politicians want to destroy our way of life, then take control, but this is still America and we are still free. At least for a little while.

I was wondering the same thing. Furthermore its more of a membership program with insurance like benefits. So how can a state “ban” it?! Thank God I live in the free state of Louisiana!

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Interesting turn of the conversation here! We are not able to provide memberships in New York or Washington at this point. NY and WA believe that self-defense insurance is insurance for criminal activity.

The USCCA does not sell insurance. The USCCA sells memberships that provide self-defense education and training along with legal protection should our members ever have to defend themselves legally after physically defending themselves.

If a USCCA member has to physically defend themselves and then legally defend themselves, their USCCA legal benefits will assist them. However, if they are found guilty or make a plea agreement, all benefits cease for that incident as the membership is not designed to defend criminal activity.

Does that help?

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SGAMMO! Maybe they will partner? They are already pretty cheap as it is.

I was just going to say… There is an awful lot of " don’t use your gun unless you are in a life or death situation" going on to be called murder insurance. There is tons of training. My husband’s employer offers a pre paid legal plan as part of the benefits package. So I guess we should call that divorce insurance? Lawsuit insurance? Immigration insurance? Adoption insurance? Or better yet, Drunk driving insurance? I personally believe everyone should have USSCA because the training is invaluable.


Do you mean a person living in NY or WA cannot join the USCCA?

Yes, at this point people living in NY and WA cannot become USCCA members, @Mike.

That’s an outrage. Their freedom has been taken away and most probably don’t even know it.


And New York wants to impose a mandatory liability insurance on gun owners.