USCCA brand Ammo


@Dawn. How was the idea of having USCCA brand ammo taken by the higher ups? Are they thinking about it, or was the idea filed away?


oh man i would be buying it for sure. i buy a lot of great items from uscca always…


Absolutely awesome idea.


I’ll get it on the list of ideas our Exec team goes over and considers.


I can always get my hands on more ammo.!


While a USCCA Brand of ammo would be nice, I may get some but would be hesitant to carry it.

I see a legal issue, a prosecutor in some of these liberal areas would love to have a field day with if said ammo was ever used in self defense. Said ammo being branded by the same company that is also providing the legal defenses essentially to the person who had to use said ammo branded by that company.


Prosecutors will use what they can in court, you’re very right @Orpackrat. Maybe it should just be range ammo? (I am not saying this is going to happen, just adding to the discussion. :smiley: )


Not quite sure how this would work. Who would the ammo be produced by? If it’s not the same ammo you already use and are happy with, would you switch just because it’s USCCA branded ammo?

I read up on ballistics testing and put quite a few different brands of ammo through my gun, both FMJ and JHP, before deciding on which brand to go with. Unless USCCA ammo is American Eagle 124 gr 9mm FMJ for range, or Federal HST 124 gr 9mm JHP for defense, I’m sticking with what I use.


I’m totally good with using the ammo I already use. I’m thinking the best option would be to have a member discount for ammo… I’m thinking the team in charge of partnerships here is already working on something. I don’t know for sure, but it would make sense. :slight_smile:


True, I didn’t think of that.

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That would be the way to go. Discounts for USCCA members for participating ammo manufacturers.


like i mentioned somewhere in here i would buy it and give it a test for sure.


I like the discount option myself. Because I have 2 guns for carry. 1 is a 1911 in .45 acp and the other is Rugar LC9s in 9mm. And I do reload my own ammo. But because of possible legal problems I only carry store bought ammo. And shoot my reloads in competitions and practice only. and i’d also like to see the discounts for any type of ammo. I have firearms in .38 spl, .38 +p, .357 mag, .45 long colt, .45 acp, 9mm, .22lr and 5.56 nato or .223 Rem. And I do reload for all but the .22lr and 5.56 NATO/.223Rem. And a discount would help in saving money on store bought ammo.

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