Freedom Munitions' Come Back

I used to be a pretty steady customer of Freedom Munitions as their ammo was usually at a great prices and always worked really well in all of my guns.

I stopped purchasing from them when they started the bankruptcy (fear of dependability of receiving ammo purchased), but it looks like they’re coming back thanks to this buyout by Kash CA inc.

However I have to admit I’m torn…I love buying American made from ID…but I worry about a CA company running it (and paying any of my money to anything from CA, they’re currently under sanctions by my household).


Sometimes you have to support the folks who are working behind the lines. If they are active in the 2A fight in CA, probably worth supporting them.


Sending in funding to go behind enemy lines eh? Ok, I can buy into that. :slight_smile:


I bought from them a few years ago. and was very happy with the service, product, and prices. Glad to see they’re coming back.


Glad to see this working out, hopefully long term. Their .380 FMJ prices were almost as good as 9mm.

I need to get out to the range to justify buying from them again soon!


Ok, just took advantage of the black Friday deals and picked up some 9mm…let’s see! :slight_smile:

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Excellent @JamesR :grin: … supporting the good guys!

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