USCCA Debunked?

These guys came up on on YT yet again claiming to have debunked the USCCA…will they ever just back down?

has anyone watched the whole video so I dont have to waste my time?


I know this may be simplistic but with all this negative energy flying around the best
way to avoid mental anguish and stomach upset is to NOT LISTEN to these ‘Experts’.
And I don’t mean just these two guys.
One of the best ways to do this is to NOT give these TROLLS words oxygen …
If you don’t give them a platform they will go away.
There is way too much ‘Disinformation’ being ‘created’ on a daily basis by
the other side already. WE shouldn’t add to it.

Think about it.
Lawyers only talk if somebody PAY’S them!
Who Benefits?



You are heading into the land of Infomercial.


I’m not granting the satisfaction of a watch but I already see blatantly false information being stated by the official AOR channel in responses to that video


Watched the whole video. Insurance companies don’t make money paying claims, they make money by denying them. I have personal experience with that. Shakes my confidence in the legal protection I’m eligible for with my USCCA membership. Afraid it will make me hesitant to use a firearm in self defense for fear of being legally vulnerable.

The USCCA isn’t going to pick and stick with an insurance company that hangs members out to dry or actively tries to find outs to not cover something that should be per the policy.

But we all should be hesitant to use a firearm if being legally vulnerable is enough of a concern to not use it. Lethal force is a very high threshold and if you’re worried about going to court being worse than what happens if you don’t use it, maybe you don’t want to use it. In fact, I’ve seen someone’s, don’t remember whose, YouTube video from an attorney saying that if going to court and paying a lawyer to keep you out of prison and risking prison is a worse outcome than what you think will happen if you don’t draw your gun…don’t draw your gun.

If you think the ones in the video are a better bet, go to them and directly ask them questions like, who decides if my act of self defense will be covered? Is it any lawful act of self defense, or felony only? Can they drop you at any time or for any reason or would they have to show a just cause you drop you?

For anybody in this realm, go to the source and ask them directly about their own product. Don’t rely on a third party or a competitor, just go ask them all the questions you can think of (USCCA too, all of them)

Ask to see the policy or agreement or contract or membership agreement or whatever it is. Read the things your self in black and white in addition to asking for answers or asking for clarification of what you are reading


I’m not concerned about going to court. I’m concerned about going to prison for lack of legal defense because the insurance company decided somewhere in the process that they were going to deny coverage, and I have to scramble to find representation. Not much help to my family if I’m behind bars. If I’m going to use a firearm in self defense, I want complete confidence that someone has my legal back. The last thing I need is even the slightest reason to hesitate, and not having that confidence could be that reason. Don’t know about others, but I do have an aversion to going to prison.


There are no guarantees, including no guarantee that someone will pay for your legal expenses in some potential hypothetical future situation…regardless of whom that someone is…it’s never going to be guaranteed.

I probably shouldn’t say “never”, you might have an independently wealthy benefactor or family member or something like that IDK but for regular folks, I have yet to find anything that can be joined or paid or bought or whatever that will have a guarantee.

But you can certainly look over the relevant documents yourself and understand all the exclusions, coverage territory, what expenses would be covered, all the conditions, etc, and make a reasoned choice

Come up with a list of questions and ask them of everybody, whilst asking for the documentation to back their answers

Even if it’s not an ‘insurance company’ behind it, is the entity behind it going to make money by paying money? It’s not like insurance companies are unique in that they “dont’ make money by spending money”, that’s as true for anybody else as it is for an insurance company I figure? Just, food for thought


We have had this conversation at least a dozen times on our community and we are all still here. :thinking:


Over 700,000 members with untold number of claims handled over the years by the insurance benefit. If it could REALLY be “debunked” it’d be front page of every liberal rag and news outlet in the country.

Some people will just buy into anything they see on YouTube…


Some people just need to stir the SH–!
Bad lawyers aren’t worth the Sh-- on the bottom of a boot!
These two moron’s are Stirrer’s
Pay them no heed.
If the USCCA was as worthless as they claim
They would have been gone along time ago.
Enzo T is right…
“Some people will just buy into anything they see on YouTube…”
Don’t let these two A–holes rent space in your heads…DOUBT KILLS!


take them with a grain of salt, they both use anecdotal evidence and by their own admission, are trying to sell you THEIR product over USCCA’s. they play whataboutism for a living.


I wonder how their training and education program is…


The only thing that sold me over to USCCA was how simplified USCCA was vs other organizations


After looking through the comments, it seems like most of the comments are people paid by them. One guy was like “USCCA wouldnt answer my questions over the phone, so I’m going with these guys.” Dude kept askin what the questions were and they kept saying it doesn’t matter.


Several years ago Marc Victor was one of the practicing lawyers that John Corriea worked with for the John’s Brief episodes of Active Self Protection Extra. At some point Victor formed his marketing program Attorneys on Retainer (AoR).

At about the same time ASP Extra stopped using Victor, but had affiliated with Firearms Legal Protection (FLP), another entity in the self defense “insurance”* market, which also includes US Law Shield, Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network, CCW Safe, USCCA, and possibly others.

I stopped considering Marc Victor as credible when, in an ASP Extra video, he argued for carrying without a round in the chamber and in another argued against following Massad Ayoob’s advice to tell LEOs just enough instead of saying nothing after a SD event

*Most of these programs are not in reality insurance, but the term is commonly used.


Oh wow. Another POS.


So I’m watching the video, they have some points, but they’re not telling everything.

These defense attorneys are garbage. They’re not looking at self defense cases to go to trial and fight it and win, they look at the case, threaten the DA, give you a shitty deal, take the money run with it and call it a day.

Also plenty of times they have mentioned things like “THIS IS A GOOD SELF DEFENSE CLAIM, yeah there’s bad stuff in it but it’s good!”

But never gave examples of the bad things in the cases.

Like the one lady who was granted coverage of $50,000, and then USCCA dropped her.

They said they don’t really know the details that her ex or her stalker or somebody came to her home busted down her door she shot them and BINGO.

When in reality she was denied because she bought the USCCA membership and her firearm the same day, called her husband/ex husband up for the exchange of the custody of her kids, met up in a public parking lot, shot him, told the cop she was in fear for her life cause he called her a bitch, and they charged her with obstruction of justice. There was no forced entry, he opened the car door slowly and she shot him according to what I’m reading unless somebody can find something different.

And they skim over other cases without going into detail saying this is a great self defense case but there was something bad in it.

It makes me think, if there’s something bad in it, what makes it a good self defense case?


You know you’re not going to win at trial, you really want the money, and you’re ready and willing to screw your client into a bad deal.


Interesting take on that, thanks for your feedback

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Great information, did you watch the video shared? Is there anything valid that they did point out?