USCCA Sued in Federal Court?

I’ve recently started to feel like this guy is a shyster, but I hadn’t heard of this until now. There’s plenty of reason for Delta Defense/USCCA to not make comment until the court room, so I’m not buying into much of what he says. I guess just some reassurance that I’d be covered would be appreciated?

I’m going to put 3 things here:

  1. He’s someone who used to be part of the USCCA team, and no longer is.
  2. He’s actively promoting a competitive product he’s now associated with right in the middle of the article… and spends most of the space on that.
  3. He’s happily speculating about the situation, having already declared there’s not enough information available to speculate about the situation.

Just sayin’.


Exactly my take on it! Drove me crazy he was like, “we certainly don’t have all the facts, but I can’t recommend USCCA if they did what I’m saying, without any evidence, they might have done.” :face_with_monocle:


That wasn’t an article, it was an advertisement. And a fairly sleazy one at that.

It reminds me of an old bit on the Prairie Home Companion show: “Here at Johnson’s Dairy we don’t have arsenic or rat parts in our cottage cheese. We’re not saying the other guys do, but if they don’t, why don’t they come out and say so?”


Follow up article. Looks like she was abusive to the husband and he was seeking a better custody deal.


Right in my own backyard and the first hearing this story…

This is only an hour or so away where this took place…

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Thanks for the support everyone!

At this point I cannot comment as we do not publicly comment on matters that are actively being litigated.


Honestly I won’t talk bad about people who cant defend themselves. I’ll just say, I stopped following Branca on social media in 2016 as a result of a conversation we had.


Yeah, he seemed a little arrogant…

I pray to GOD to never be a lawyer like that…
In JESUS NAME, humble me, LORD!!!

He said, “I’m hard to kill because I carry a gun, I’m hard to convict because I know the laws.”

Another thing he said, “I let the USCCA with my permission, sell the book.”

And was it me, or was he saying “insurance” on purpose with his fingers in the air…

Lord forgive me for talking about this man, but like, I never want to be like him…
He is the prime example of what I’m trying to not be like!


LOL, CCW Safe isn’t insurance either.

Taken from their terms and conditions.