Moving to Cali. - Out of State Firearm Purchase

Hey guys…Got a question that I wanted ask my USCCA friends for a little help on. My good friend recently moved to California from Texas and still has his Texas ID. Is he able to purchase a firearm out of state then get it registered in California provided that the firearm meets California’s restrictions?

Any other info you guys have on this would be appreciated!

For Gods sake, DON’T LET HIM GO! That’s called defection! Or these days that’s called suicide!
Kalifornia has NO HONOR! The Communists do not recognize any outside permits.


Doomed, your friend is doomed. Folks with any sense at all are trying to escape to Texas. They will make your friend their poster child for common sense agendas.


Form 4473 #10. Current State of Residence and Address (U.S. postal abbreviations are acceptable. Cannot be a post office box.)

His Texas ID means nothing.


I’m sorry, I know this doesn’t answer your question, But, I’ve got to say:

Friends don’t let friends move to California. :sleepy:


try this:

Haha! I get onto them so much about that LOL but this time I’m strictly talking about home defense. No carry permits


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You will need to register your gun especially if you will be applying for a CCW. Some counties such as Riverside County where I live have “Shall Issue” policies and your gun will need to be registered. Please - we are not all Socialist, Communist or Nuts in California. Some of us won’t leave because of family, jobs, weather and are willing to stand our ground. We send the cowards not willing to vote and fight to Texas. They are populating Austin, Houston and Dallas. Watch out because they bring their liberal kids with them. My next door neighbor just moved here from El Paso which he called a war zone. Welcome to California👍


Agreed, people don’t run to North Korea, Russia, China or Los Angelos for a BETTER life! So, if you’re coming from a communist country, state or town you can leave your liberal vermin at the border or you can put them down like any other rabid dog that gets a taste of human flesh. If you bring them to common sense conservative neighborhoods don’t be surprised if we treat you like, say, a deadly coronavirus! Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been open to new ideas, peanut butter on watermelon, salt with my coffee, but never the changing of our country to communist or socialist state!

To purchase a firearm, your ID must be current. If you purchase a firearm online it must be shipped to a local FFL and you have to go through the background check.

Here are the laws for California: