New anti-2A laws and CCW effects - USCCA support for members?

Just was talking to a good friend that left USCCA due to the new laws taking place. Here is the situation I proposed and I would like to know how USCCA would react.

Situation: Carrying in a newly claimed gun-free zone and a shooter starts doing their thing. The zone could be any place that is not a school, government building, etc. I stop the shooter before he/she does any harm to my family or self - a valid self-defense use of my weapon.

Question: Will USCCA stand by legally to defend me? True, I was carrying in a “gun-free” zone, yet it was not until the new ridiculous laws.

Law example: NY’s claim that only those places that post carrying is allowed versus the “blanket” no carry.

BTW, my friend dropped USCCA because due to recent laws he is not allowed to essentially carry anywhere. So if he cannot carry, why have USCCA was his response.



Personally I don’t go anywhere that’s a “Gun Free” zone! IT’s a TRAP!


I agree, but with some of the new laws, it comes down to one cannot really leave their house without carrying their weapon locked up and inaccessible.


Sooo… Are you in NY? As far as we know USCCA has been banned in NY since 2018. So it’s moot point.
If you are going to ask a State specific question please post your State.
Otherwise call * 800-674-9779


Are “No Weapons Allowed” signs enforced in New York? If yes, violating the sign would be considered to be a crime. If no, violating the sign would not be considered a criminal offense.

No. Not mentioned in state statutes.


Actually CA, A couple of counties have stopped issuing CCWs and implemented county-wide bans. Who knows what is next. Fortunately, I am in a more red county. The writing is on the wall that it may turn blue as more conservatives move in. I cannot really move at this stage.


FYI in a communist state, it wouldn’t be moving, it’s called escaping. Furthermore conservatives don’t turn stuff blue, only socialist commies are the menace to a peaceful and safe life.

If you’re already a CCW holder, just follow the law as closely as possible. Until this blows over, 2022 election, I’ve essentially become a hermit! Keep my head down and keep my enemies as close as possible
( no chance of missing ).
At this point in time where you are, I wouldn’t be surprised by tanks and trains and little patches on your breast signifying your extermination!

In addition, if the terrorists can walk from Iran, Somalia and Venezuela to the United States, I’m fairly sure that when Mr. Gel Head sends trains and armed IRS agents into your neighborhood, you’ll be able to move!


If you mean in court when you are charged with a crime, it’s the Universal Fire and Casualty Insurance Company who wrote/issued the Self Defense Liability Insurance Policy on which USCCA members are additional insureds.

There is the potential for coverage for any lawful act of self defense not otherwise excluded.

One of the exclusions is possession of a weapon in violation of federal law.

Violation of state concealed carry law is not in itself an exclusion.

The policy does not seem to be intended to provide members with coverage for charges of carrying where off limits, it’s still best not to carry where doing so is illegal

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Also this, New York prohibits its residents from being USCCA members anyway


Even if you weren’t covered in public places for whatever reason, having USCCA or similar coverage still might be a good idea in case you had to defend yourself in your own home. Especially if you live in CA where you are much more likely to have to face an anti self defense DA and jury.

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I am figuring this is probably the case. It is the reason a friend dropped USCCA since he is essentially unable to carry lawfully, then cannot carry, thus no need for USCCA.

I hope to see that if a situation comes as I stated in the beginning and the good guy or family is injured, it would be interesting if the good guy ends up suing the government for NOT being allowed to protect oneself / family.

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I don’t see any logic in your friend’s decision. I suspect he does not understand the situation.

Did he think he was going to be insured/covered if he was charged for breaking a carry law? Nobody is going to ‘insure’ you against being charged with carrying where it’s illegal.

It is a “self defense liability insurance policy” on which USCCA members are additional insureds.

It is not a “broke a carry law” insurance policy.

Breaking a state concealed carry law is not an exclusion from coverage for a lawful act of self defense (there are other exclusions, such as breaking a federal carry/possession law)

You can potentially violate state carry laws, act in lawful self defense, and benefit from the policy for the covered act of self defense