USCCA Coverage and use of deadly force at in a gun free zone query

I guess this is the best place to post this question…
I am a school bus driver in Georgia. School Board Transportation policy is that drivers cannot carry weapons. No guns, no OC spray, no tasers, nada. I have been fortunate enough in my few years of working there that there has never been an issue, but with times being as they are, I am becoming increasing less comfortable with the idea of being unarmed. So my question is…
Will USCCA cover me if I have to use justified deadly force in a (firearm, OC spray, taser, etc…) in an area where I technically should not have been carrying in the first place (Gun Free Zone or other legally restricted area)?

I hope I am wording that correctly.

Aaron in Atlanta

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I am not on the USCCA Crisis Response Team, nor do I play one on TV. I also did not sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

But I’m pretty sure the answer is going to be Maybe.

Follow the instructions on the back of your membership card call 911, then call the crisis hotline. All cases are evaluated on a case by case by basis.

@Dawn can give you an official response as she knows this site way better than I.


Good question to ask, am waiting on a uscca reply,

We are only able to provide protection for a lawful self-defense incident, with something you can legally posses at the time of your incident.


So I’m wondering if an employer’s policy not to be armed, means you’re not legally in possesion, for any use of force situation?

I also live in Georgia and the laws on carrying a weapon in a gun free zone are, You cannot be charged for having a gun if you have to defend yourself, But if you are caught carrying a knife or firearm not defending yourself you can be charge with a misdemeanor and lose you job. If you use your weapon while driving the school bus it will be treated as it would anywhere in the state of Georgia.

Hi Dawn,

Am I covered by USCCA if I had to defend my daughter in a hostile situation at her school ? Lets say I have to throw few punches and break someone’s cheek bone by hand then get a civil lawsuit.

Depends on the state and if the signs have the force of the law.

Due to the hypothetical nature of the question, I cannot give you a 100% answer. What I can tell you is that the intent of the USCCA membership is to help our members with their legal defense after they’ve had to physically defend themselves or another innocent party using any legal weapon.

I know that’s not the concrete answer you were hoping for, @7baygia, but every situation is different and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

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Thank you Dawn. For as long as I legally defending myself or my love ones such as wife and children, regardless of the location whether at home or in public, I should be covered by USCCA ?

That’s where the maybe comes in and why each self defense is reviewed individually.

Every situation is reviewed on a case by case basis, @7baygia, I cannot say 100% on any hypothetical situation.