Plan to resist carjackers in Chicago

I’m not a fan of warning shot, particularly a vertical warning shot. What if your bullet hits somebody on its return to earth?


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@George98 my girlfriend and I monitor a jack ass all the time. It’s amazing the stuff that goes on in the city of Chicago. As of the end of January Chicago the city had 144 carjackings. Those are just the ones reported and does not count unreported or attempted carjackings which could put the number well over 200 for the month of January.

Something people need to realize, the folks doing the car jacking are middle school aged kids. Most of them 13, 14, 15, 16. They don’t face the same consequences as someone considered an adult. They’re cold blooded and they don’t think twice about shooting. Most of would have no qualms about sitting on your dead body and eating a sandwich. It was a real eye-opener to me when I first discovered this. I always expected most carjackers to be older. As bad as Chicago is, St. Louis is even worse. I’ve read instances where a vehicle was carjacked, the mother was forced out of the vehicle or shot, and as a vehicle drove away they just threw a car seat with a baby in it out the window.
Realize who you’re dealing with here.


Very interesting and thanks for sharing.

I was introduced to Jackass years ago by a retired CPD officer. He has since passed but was a good friend. His opinion was that the major problem with Chicago was that the EMTs were too fast and too good. Most of the victims are gang bangers and he felt that if allowed to bleed out it’s a win-win!

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What’s the sketchy neighborhood anymore? If you watch enough of these videos, and I do, you realize rather quickly carjackings can and do take place anywhere
Also this theory of “just give them your car, it’s not worth your life”, doesn’t mean much when people regularly get shot while cooperating 100%. In a large percentage of the videos I’ve watched people aren’t even given an opportunity to cooperate. Bullets start flying the moment the hijacking begins.
I believe there is a big problem with leaving a decision of whether you live or die in the hands of a felon, a person who has made a career out of making poor decisions.

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This is a little off topic but needs to be brought up. Considering it’s winter time, concealed carriers need to give a thought as to under how many layers of clothing their gun is buried. Because as you can see from one of the videos, you don’t have a lot of time to get to your weapon engaged in the fight.


It is true, they are capable of doing things on ambulances today that in the 70s and 80s could only be accomplished in hospitals and this leading to an extension of the golden hour. People who normally would’ve died in the past are saved and allowed to return to the street for revenge.


I didn’t miss the part about visiting friends and family. I just chose to answer the business part of your question. I was a Forensic Accountant before my body went to heck in a hand basket.

You should really talk to your supplier about moving to a free on board delivery system to a safer location.

As far as visiting friends and family left behind in Chicago . In accounting terms that’s what is called opportunity cost. You weigh the costs of what risks and costs it takes to go visit vs the benefits you receive.

My only comment would be that if you don’t have an FOID and an Illinois CCL is it really worth the risk ? Of carrying a gun that is. Get a good 12oz. can of indelible gel mace. It will shoot a 10 yard long coherent line of mace with an indelible dye in it. Also try to never leave yourself completely blocked in at stop lights or traffic.


I feel; for you brother in 2005 our 10,000 sq ft retail space burned to the ground (took 4 days to get the fire out)

We had state farm and I hired a public adjuster but it took 3 years over 30 checks written while dealing with 2 forensic accounting firms - I learned a lot about Quickbooks

We’ve sold on the web since 2002 - still new in 2005 so when the first underwriter came out he was confused as to why he was looking at smoldering embers while we were asking for at least 20 grand for inventory we could start shipping from a U store-it location - since all our computers had burnt up we literally had start with “there’s this thing called the internet”

Because we are avid campers we had 24 1 lb cans of propane in the warehouse that of course exploded and left trace everywhere.

That triggered a 2 week-long ATF investigation which started with “see these melted tent poles…” The city (Chicago) clearly had a beef with our landlords which meant dismantling the top portion of brick walls - they set a forensics booth on the roof and brought in a machine the size of a house which plucked the bricks one-by-one then inspected in said booth

They (the ATF) showed up twice at our front door around 7 am heavily armed and wearing body armor - “hey come in gentlemen could I offer you some coffee?”

My vendor is now delivering to South Cook County only an 80 mile round trip but not to NW Indiana yet.

We both agree we’re a lot alike bikers/stoner/drunkards - but I take my meds and he does not


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Can’t make this stuff up.

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Did they run out of non-cops to rob?

The scenario drives home my point about Chicago PD when they let a shooter make it 15 miles across the city but another municipality takes him down - its apparent even to the gang bangers that CPD has no strategies nor is willing to fight.

How the fu*k do TWO police officers alone in the ghetto (I know Chicago) become unaware of their surroundings and each other allowing this to happen?

We’re celebrating 2 years in easy-to-get-a-carry-card Indiana and loving it!

0 - 8 firearms and 2000 rounds of ammo accumulated in 6 months.

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Please don’t confuse me with the facts. :smirk:
Shop for birdseed outside of IL…simple.


You can say “Hey, catch the blue robin egg!” before shooting criminals!

Daniel 228 here in Arizona some years ago on a 4 of July someone fired a shot in the air and came down in a backyard hitting and killing a gril named shanon , every since that we have shanon,s law meaning it illegal to just shoot into the air, now I believe that shooting for no good reason into the air is and in my book irresponsible of said individual. As responsible gun owners we are held to a higher standard, there is no need to do something irresponsible and give the left have more thing to condemn us.