DC Carjackings

DC Teen Carjackings

Scary thing here is that a large percentage of carjackings in DC seem to involve teenagers armed with guns.

Even children can be a threat. Given DC’s gun laws, any thoughts on how to defend your family or yourself if you find yourself somewhere you can’t carry?

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Back in the 80s and 90s in LA and the surrounding suburbs, Carjackings would occur frequently.

Here is what I do to this day.

I always lock my doors, with today’s newer cars where these lock and unlock automatically that’s an easy one.

I use stick on convex mirrors in the bottom corners of all my vehicles, so I can get a better view of all my surroundings when stopped in traffic of parked.

I leave space in front of me when stopped at a light. A trick learned/taught was to leave enough space to pull out but not enough for someone to pull in and block you.

When at a stoplight still keep scanning and reading the traffic.

When walking to/from, or being stopped, parked or driving paying attention/watching for any risks or threats.


DC is particularly terrible because even if you jump through all the hoops to get a CCW permit most of the city is some type of federal property that you can’t carry anyway.

@KenM nailed it. The key is to make sure they dont get in the car in the first place. In a shockingly high percentage of carjackings I’ve seen videos of (Active Self Protection on youtube) the criminals just open the unlocked door. And if they approach, drive away if you can.

If a carjacker gets into your car, you are basically screwed unless you have significant fighting skills. Deploying a less-lethal pepper spray might make everyone want to get out of the car. If you are by yourself, maybe you can bail out of the car but if you’ve got loved ones in the car thats not really an option.

If anyone has better advice, I’m all ears.

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Buy an up-armored HMMWV from government auction. Battle-lock your doors when driving.

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