Plan to resist carjackers in Chicago

We moved out of central Chicago 2 years ago to a sleepy town in Lowell, IN - a carry state.

About twice a month I meet a distributor’s truck in my old Chicago neighborhood where we exchange bird food for cash.

I watch every recent carjacking video I can find.

Currently, when I travel to Chicago I have a SCCY PCX2 9mm in a belly holster with my shirt unbuttoned.

I keep my Rugar 380 LCP on the driver’s seat covered by a seat cushion.

In all the videos for both carjacking and pedestrian assault, 2 - 4 attackers stop and exit a vehicle with pistols in their hands - but never aiming.

If this happen to me, should I

  1. Simply show my robin egg blue 9 mm and hope that’s a deterrent?
  2. Fire a vertical warning shot and hope that’s a deterrent?
  3. Wait till an assailant gets close to the driver’s door and shoot him?

Since you’re coming from Lowell, see if he can meet you over the boarder in Hammond IN or Whiting IN. Both are older areas but very close to the South Side so it’s not a stretch to drive and a little safer than Chicago. I grew-up in North Hammond and lived in Portage for a while, so I know a little about that area of Chicago and where you’re at in Lowell which is a night and day difference. My buddies and I use to ride our bikes into Calumet City or Hegwish from Hammond so it’s not a horrible inconvenience for somebody with a truck.

I don’t think your three options are ideal or even legal, especially in Illinois.


I think Jason’s comments are worth reading several times over, very interesting food for thought. I especially like the idea of making the trip and stop in a nicer area, away from Chicago, and even Cook County.

Lately, I’ve given more thought to who will be on the jury, and who the judge will be, God forbid. If I had to “use”, would I prefer the judge and jury be in and from Chicago or Cook, or elsewhere, less biased, and or more accepting of self-defense rights. I almost feel sad thinking about it, because I also face your dilemma Rich.

The group here might provide some great insight, what an interesting scenario you present. Making us think of the legalities, tactics, and safety for all. I’m new to this field of study, but I might personally worry about all three of the options, but more so, how you described them. Those are just three, I’m guessing the group might come up with several more ideas, again, thanks to your great question, yet all too real a possibility:

Simply show my robin egg blue 9 mm and hope that’s a deterrent? - Could that be illegal brandishing? Would I want to waste time brandishing when he’s pointing his gun toward me, when instead I could be doing something else?

Fire a vertical warning shot and hope that’s a deterrent? - I’d fear someone else could get hurt; Then I’m responsible for that legally, and have to live with that emotionally.

Wait till an assailant gets close to the driver’s door and shoot him? - Why wait before taking action? Is there time enough to drive away? If he’s pointing a gun at me, I’m not sure I could draw fast enough to shoot first, so this one I really look forward to others to help with safety maneuvers.

If I’m in my car, I wonder if I could drive away, and call 911. However, in your scenario, I can see how my having to “use”, might happen, especially if they pointed a gun at me.

On a personal note:

One of my course instructors shared he had to draw, when in a store, bandits threatened to shoot - with their hands and fingers in their coat pockets, when they saw his gun and him shout at them, they pulled their hands out, empty, shouted to each other “He’s got a gun!; And ran out of the store”.

A fellow CCL course student shared that he was carjacked at gun point, while working, with a company truck. One of my coworker’s son in law was car jacked at gunpoint. Last year, in my town,
a man was shot several times when he was carjacked, luckily he survived.

Looking forward to the helpful responses on your great training question kind Sir.


I believe that Illinois does not honor Indiana carry licenses along with whatever other 2A violating laws Chicago may have in place. So you are likely breaking a bunch of laws before you choose any of your options. The way you worded your 3 options they all sound potentially illegal depending on circumstances and the judgement of the jury you will be facing. Though maybe you could ask President Biden for a pardon for option 2 since he has stated in the past that recklessly and illegally discharging firearms into the air is a superior self defense strategy.

Your best option is to drive away as fast as possible.

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I have never understood why firing in the air is a problem in practical terms. The bullet goes up until it runs out of gas. Then it falls back to ground. Hard to see how falling through the atmosphere it could develop any more inertia than a hail stone. I’ve been hit by hail stones many times and they didn’t really even hurt. Of course, in many places simply firing is a violation of the firearm ordinance. Still don’t see how it physically hurts anyone.

I have often admired the Kimber Micro Bel Aire in Robin’s Egg blue. But I don’t buy it because it seems like a gimmick. Don’t know that I would even believe it is a gun when it’s Robin’s Egg Blue.

Wait until attacker gets up next to you before firing. Umm. No, just no. That shows planning and intent.

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1st don’t show your very pretty weapon. Surprise is always better than giving someone a chance to figure out a way to get you. ( One on one may be different) 2nd never fire a warning shot. Something could happen you’ll be very sorry for & it wastes ammo. 3rd only shoot if you’re on fear of death or great bodily harm. Odds are not in your favor trapped in your vehicle , as said best to avoid the area.


That may apply somewhat if you fire straight up in the air. But if fired at an angle the bullet can maintain enough velocity to do damage. There have been a bunch of stories of people being seriously injured or killed by celebratory gun fire. Bullets are also denser and usually sharper edged than hail so likely to hurt more even if fired straight up.


Your first priority is to escape or evade. If you do not take that action and you shoot them you are going to be charged with murder. Secondly, If you escalate the situation in any manner and you shoot them, you will be charged for murder. If you could not escape or evade them and they are attempting to steal your vehicle, is your life worth more or less than your vehicle?
Mainly here I want to stress the idea of all out avoiding and escaping from the situation. Now that I said that, If you were being carjacked by three guys with guns, How well do you really think the outcome would be?


A few years ago, an individual in the Tampa area was killed by a bullet that had been fired into the air. A hailstone is nowhere near the density of a bullet.

A gun is not a deterrent, it is a defense weapon. If you have to draw it, that means you have run out of options. If you have time to wait for someone to get close, you have time to drive away.

You may want to consider some defensive weapons training.

Are you aware that your Indiana permit is not recognized in Illinois? See this page.


What he said.

  1. The driver is on fixed a route we meet in Chicago on Tuesdays and/or South Cook County on Fridays - There is not a single distributor within 1000 miles who carries the 200 SKU’s I’ve been purchasing 1000 lbs a week from him for 20 years.
  2. A colored gun is easier to see at night. 9mm is still 9mm
  3. Last week hijackers circled the target vehicle then shot the passenger (husband) who offered no resistance then dragged the wife and daughter out slamming them to the ground.
  4. When a bullet is shot into the error it exits the barrel at “muzzle velocity” it returns to earth at “terminal velocity” enabling it to penetrate muscle and bone.
  5. I’m aware of permit non-reciprocity in IL
  6. My car is 15 years old but looks new.

3 weeks ago a shooter went from Chicago’s southside killed 4 people but ended up getting shot by Evanston police. In other words, an active shooter traveled 15 miles and CPD was unable to stop him.

Yesterday Hobart, IN police captured another Chicago carjacker.

Here’s some recent carjacking video let me know if your ideas change after watching them

I would not be accused of murder if I shot someone in this scenario Police release surveillance video of shootout, attempted carjacking that killed retired Chicago fire - YouTube

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Mitch–respectfully–are you serious with your questions?
Please get some training. What is the 100% sure way to win a gunfight? DON"T GET IN ONE.
First, you need to make sure you are always following the rules governing the use of deadly force outside the home.
In response to your questions–short answer–NO NO NO.

  1. Hope it’s a deterrent? Against 2-4 armed assailants? I would not recommend that.
  2. Firing a warning shot will most likely get you arrested. You just fired indiscriminatlely in one of the most heavliy populated cities in the US. (reckless endanagerment I"ll bet). Do not do that.
  3. Shooting him–shooting is always a last resort—WHY NOT JUST DRIVE AWAY? Don’t allow yourself to get boxed in, and don’t worry about vehicular damage if it prevents a gunfight.

BIG PICTURE–If you know you’re at risk of being carjacked, why go there? There has got to be a better solution than driving into a sketchy neighborhood.


Dude I get it. I know somebody that was carjacked by some Kings in Gary IN (just outside S. Chicago) and miraculously a Police Officer saw it go down and was able to stop them before they killed him as part of their initiation. Some bad shit happens in Chicago and even NW Indiana. However, what you are suggesting will get you arrested for certain. You really have three options here.

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing and only pull the gun defensively if you’re in a situation.
  2. Talk to your distributor and see if you find another location or maybe he can ship it to you. Seriously, Lowel to Chicago and back is a decent haul anyway.
  3. Find a new distributor.
  • Brandishing a firearm as a threat is a felony and it’s their word against yours.
  • Shooting in another direction as a threat… you can accidentally shoot somebody else.
  • Double-check Illinois’ gun laws for certain. When I was a teen I remember Scottie Pippen getting in trouble for having a firearm in his car and he lived in Illinois, they’ll go after anybody and the current mayor is a nut job.

Gravity causes a falling object to travel at 32 feet per second squared. In a vacuum a falling bullet could be dangerous after a couple of seconds. In our atmosphere gravity is not the only compelling force; speed is limited by friction with the atmosphere. The greater the drag the slower the fall. A falling object can be slowed according to the shape of the object but not the mass, weight, or density. Of course, gravity only becomes an issue when a bullet expends its inertial force and then begins to fall. If it returns to earth still carrying its inertia from the discharge that could be dangerous. So, I have to conclude that firing more or less straight up isn’t dangerous while firing at an angle could be. The more acute the angle of launch the more dangerous the round.


So what?

Firing into the air is dangerous, stupid and, here in Florida, illegal.


Wow! That’s a wide variety and sounds like a lot of birds. If you don’t mind me asking, are you a bird rescue, a private collector, or something else? This sounds interesting.

Certainly! only shoot at what you intend to destroy.


We operate Windy City Parrot dot com a large 19 YO website for bird supplies we sell no birds


Re: 1. You are not offered a choice.

Re: 2. Chicago police could not arrest an active shooter 3 weeks ago killing 4 people while traveling 15 miles from the southside to the north side in a congested urban environment.

The shooter was killed by Evanston police the next town over.

I have little fear of being arrested in Chicago.

Re: 3. Watch the videos I post and then tell me how driving away is an option. In the first video, the man was walking to his car and they just started shooting at him, He was a retired CFD who fired back but unfortunately was killed.

Re: BIG PICTURE - Because I lived there for 50 years and still visit friends and family. there are no sketchy neighborhoods in Chicago anymore - It’s ALL sketchy. One of my sisters lives in a $2,000,000 building in Bucktown aka yuppie Ville).

She’s seen 2 carjackings on her street in recent weeks and a lot of breaking and looting 1000 feet away on Milwaukee Ave this summer