Another Reason for "Concealed" Carry

Had the kid not seen the gun this man would most likely still be alive.


Don’t carry in the small of the back.


Use the proper retention holster.


This is the kind of thing to keep in mind when you see “nobody notices a little printing”.

This type of individual is the one you want to truly conceal for, not the aimless wanderers glued to their phones.


Also realize when to cut your loses. Not the smartest idea to go chasing after a fleeing criminal that you know is carrying a loaded firearm.


Lack of situational awareness?

I would’ve spotted that 17-year old thug quickly and not turn my back on him.


What about the other 17 year old who is his accomplice you just turned your back to?
Food for thought😁


Great point!

I’m close to being this guy now.


This exactly. In the real world, it is often literally impossible to never have anybody behind you, or in your blind spot to the side, or on the other side of a doorway you can’t see through ahead of time, or multiples and they discretely via showing up at different times sand 180* apart from one another…and when in a store/business, you also literally can’t keep everybody 30+ feet away.

Which is to say, if it’s not concealed with concealed defined as “nobody knows or even suspects that the gun is there”, there is a risk of a gun grab attempt that can close the distance and go heads on faster than you could draw (if drawing would even be justified if all you see is a single unarmed person moving towards you)


Around here they look normal. Skinny Jeans, Button Down Shirt, Thick Rim Glasses. Then out of the blue, they jump in your car, grab your purse, take your groceries bag, grab your cash from the ATM. The nice guys, the last gal you would expect to club you in the head and take your wallet. Situational awareness is extremely important and ‘they’ know that. We train to protect, they actually train to commit crimes. It’s a profitable business for them.


New young generation, work in little groups, learning to strategize, young hungry wolves learning to hunt their prey. The old vulnerable, weak, white hair, BEWARE. When they select their targets, they avoid strong, stealthy, looking healthy individuals.


Which is why I carry and why my eyes are always up before getting out of a car or while going to a parking lot. Situational awareness! Let’s face it, us older folks maybe not in the best health, are unable to run. The Young thugs know that. They also need to know that because of that, they’re liable to be shot. I only carry concealed in public. I believe there is a small tactical advantage in surprise. There are also other things older folks can do to help them. One of those is to learn to point shoot center Mass at least out to 10 yards. It is a trainable skill.


I understand your point about printing. Every morning when I get dressed it is something I always check in the mirror. Well I don’t believe I print, but at the same time I’ve been carrying so long that I don’t overly concern myself with it once I leave the house. Also living in Louisiana which is an open carry state, there are people who open carry that I see almost every day. I think most people are looking at them not me.


There are a fair number of open carriers here in Northern AZ as well. The vast majority of them seem to have little awareness of what is happening around them. When I see one I usually spend a few moments watching the number of people passing within arms reach of their handgun without them registering it or shifting their body position. I have had several opportunities where I was 99+% certain I could have made the grab. Can’t think of one time that any of them noticed me watching though I do try and be subtle about it.

The other thing is almost none of them are using a retention holster. Though anyone with a little experience or access to the internet could figure out how to deactivate the retention it at least makes it a little harder to grab. I once had a police officer almost back up into me in a grocery checkout line when he decided to grab a drink from one of the coolers. He practically put his holster in my hand and I could see the thumb button release.

Stories like this are why I have shifted to mostly appendix or front pocket carry. Better concealment, easier to notice if your clothing has shifted to allow printing, harder for someone to make an unseen grab if they do notice and easier to quickly use both hands to retain the weapon or push or strike the attacker away.

While situational awareness is vital I think it is unrealistic to expect to be 100% aware 100% of the time. Predators only need a brief moment of opportunity. I prefer to not put shiny bobbles on display to attract their attention.


This :point_up:t4:


People may have to open carry if their sheriff uses his discretionary authority to deny a CCW permit. Happens even in “shall issue” states.


Fortunately in AZ anyone who can legally own a firearm can carry, concealed or open, no permit or special permission required.

I don’t have a problem with other people open carrying as long as they can keep unintended users from accessing it. I personally feel much safer carrying concealed unless I’m out in the woods where I can easily control how close people can get to me.


Like many say, open carry is just stupid.

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This is an important reality when discussing situational awareness.

100% agree.


People forget situational awareness has two twin brothers: Don’t go to stupid places, and don’t do stupid things.