Concealed Vs. Open Carry


I think open carry is a horrible idea. Others think it’s the bees knees. I look forward to hearing your opinions and having a healthy debate with out the keyboard warriors on FB.


Oh boy! Do you want to debate calibers too, haha. Just kidding. I agree with you for several reasons. First, I live in Massachusetts. Not known for being gun friendly. They recently passed ERPO (Red Flag law). All it takes is one of my not so conservative neighbors or an anti-gunner to see me carrying and make a call. Also, if you’re unfortunate enough to get into a minor situation with someone and they know you’re carrying, the call to the police with the complaint of “He pulled a gun on me” comes up. Second, I don’t want a bad guy/gal seeing me carrying. Some see it as a deterrent, but I look at it as him/her saying to themselves “I need to take that guy out first” before they start whatever it is they plan on doing. I’m pretty big into situational awareness, as we all probably are, but you also run the risk of letting your guard down just enough so that someone with bad intentions sees it as a challenge to get your gun off you. I’d rather never have to use my gun in a defensive situation, but if I do, I want it to be as big a surprise to the bad guy/gal as possible.


I don’t like the idea of open carry. I’d rather go unknown among the populace. Plus I work as a contractor so I’m going into customer’s houses most of the time. And most people would be uncomfortable at having their repair man open carrying.
Plus as @Kerryman71 said before: it makes you a target. If someone is going to hit, let’s say a bank, who’s the first people they shoot? Security and LEOs.
On top of that, I just feel uncomfortable with open carry. Perhaps it’s because I’m so young (compared to most people who carry) but I don’t need people to assume that I carry a gun because I think it’s cool or whatever just because I look to be 20 or something. That’s just my opinion. I don’t have an issue if others open carry but I wouldn’t want the attention. I guess that also stems from my introverted self who doesn’t like being the center of attention.


I’ve never seen anyone but a LEO or Military personnel carry openly and be cognizant of their firearm at all times. I also know it scares people, and there are people on the fence about gun ownership that when they see it, it scares them and may change their opinion and vote about guns.


I carry concealed but there are several cases where open carry, at home is the big one, i got cameras up and if people wander down my road, I let them know they are not welcome and to leave immediately or the police will be called as well, i also take their picture (I can do that, tell them to leave as its a private road aka the road is private property). Fortunately, its not often we get people who trespass. My cameras motion alerts tell me if someone comes down the road and Ive caught people peering into vehicles, scares them that while they thought they were being sneaky. They triggered my motion capture and a big hairy shirtless guy, open carry comes out and immediately calls them out… few other places I’ve open carried but theses days its an extreme rarity.

I have been on outings with friends where i use the rest room and tuck in my shirt for some situations where a now visible firearm has had some suspicions persons clear out of the area…

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I open carry in my home, and on private family land where I “woods walk.” When in public, even where legal, I choose not to open carry. I don’t want anyone knowing when I am, or are not carrying. It makes you a target for criminals m and also any liberal types who are bent on taking freedoms away because of their “feelings.”


This topic always has great conversation.

(Love the “bees knees”, @AdamJ! Haven’t heard that phrase in ages. LOL!)


I carry open in the woods as well,

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I open carry alot of the time… but it really depends on where im going and what im doing… id say 85% of the time i open carry… but I also live in a state where its A legal, and B the LEO’s mostly appreciate it… the giys ive talked to see it as were standing up not only for what we think is right, but they have a better idea of who to trust… Since most criminals wont open carry… they just shove and go usually…

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Missouri is an open carry state. I choose to take into consideration where I am going and what I am wearing. The area I reside in is about 80,000 in population and when I’ve chosen to open carry, I have yet to be questioned or really even looked at strangely. LEO’s talk with me like we’re just sitting at the lake shooting the breeze. (pardon the pun) It’s actually allowed the opportunity for some to talk with me and engage in some good firearm education. I am a USCCA instructor, so when I am not in my “9-5” work attire I’m mostly in something that promotes the USCCA as well as my classes/firearms business. To anyone in public, it’s almost impossible to hide the fact that I’m most likely armed due to that wardrobe choice. With that said, my position is different than a lot of citizens.


I agree. I think it’s an open invitation to alarmists, who will call the police on you, regardless if you are not the threat. Those who are not educated, or simply afraid of guns, will have a knee-jerk reaction to install fear as THEIR defense. Plus, it’s easy to steal from you if you are not paying attention. Your own gun could kill you in seconds, if you are not aware of your surroundings.

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Unless the person who tries taking it isn’t aware of the thumb-retention button which is what I’d have if I had an OWB holster that I’d wear regularly.

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Reason I conceal everything. Nobody needs to know about what we carry.


I am absolutely in favor of open carry; however, I realize that not everyone is in favor of this method. Being a retired LEO and military veteran (1964-1970) has much to do with my opinion. I have been around weapons since I was about 7 years old. Dad owned a shotgun (which I never fired) and was a 16 year military veteran from WWII. However, I have fired a M-14 rifle (so-so), .22 LR, M-1 Garand (ugh), M-1 Carbine (most excellent!), .45 ACP Colt pistol, .30 cal machine gun (oh yeah!), grenade launcher, .38 Spl+P (4"), and 12 ga LE version Remington 870. I own a 12 ga with double pistol grips (FL legal) and a S&W .38 Spl+P 2" with Crimson Trace. This does NOT give me bragging rights; however, in my experience and training, fears connected with weaponry are mostly unfounded. Certain actions, good or bad, must be initiated by the shooter for the weapon to fire. Also, I find that many times seeing open carry is a great deterrent against possible trouble. Incidentally, weapon retention training should be mandatory for all who are licensed to carry.
I carry everywhere I go, including at home and our church, during my waking hours 7 days a week. Also, I do not frequent “gun free zones”, aka, suicide zones.
My state will probably enact open carry within the near future under our newly elected Governor.
After all, we ARE to be responsibly armed Americans.


I am in Mo too and it has never bothered me when people open carry. I always assume in the back of my mind that everyone has a gun anyway. They should have one if they don’t.


Interesting that you assume everyone carries, @TWeinzerl!

Who else here assumes everyone else is carrying when you go somewhere in public?


I grew up in a neighborhood that had over 400 murder in it by the time i was out of 4th grade… by the time i graduated highschool it was probably in the low thousands…


I assume that somebody is carrying a gun, in most establishments I frequent.


I don’t necessarily open carry but i have a general rule of no more than one layer of clothimg between me and my firearm. So in the winter i carry owb alot.

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I assume there is the possibility that anyone I encounter could be carrying. If I am, why wouldn’t they be?