To Open Carry OR Conceal Carry

As with everything people have diffrent views and thoughts. I’ve listened to people on this subject. The open carry say " I open carry as a deterrence, preventative carry. People see the gun and may think twice, or reconsider there actions". The conceal carry say " If someone does something and they see your gun you usually become the first target". So i wanted to ask you all, what is your thoughts on either one?


I am the second type. I don’t dress tactical or generally wear anything that would give away that I am armed. Very rarely do defenders get the “first move” if a situation occurs. I don’t want to be the first one shot because I look like I might have a CCW. Also concealed gives me the choice of if, when and how to respond, if I was open carrying that might force the issue. I am just the ordinary guy eating a burger with his kids you have seen me a thousand times and never guessed I was armed.


In the woods and on my property it’s open carry. In town I just like to blend in. The element of surprise is too valuable to give up to open carry.

The only thing people do while they open carry that makes me cringe is having a holster with no retention on it.


Open carry is much more comfortable and faster, if needed, but you’re usually safer if you blend in.


I’m “concealed carry” type. I have to, I’m Illinoisan.
I dress typically, according to situation at work. Concealment is required then.
I open carry at Range or classes only.

I think if I’d be allowed to open carry I would still cover firearm with my garment.
If my firearm is properly covered, nobody sees my gun and I not become the first target.


My business is my business,
not for the world to know.
Lay low, be cool,
concealed is how I go.
I didn’t plan a poem, it just worked out that way :sunglasses:


I agree concealed carry is more advantageous than open carry…why show your cards?


I will join the choir here. I CC I think it’s important that there are those who do open Carry to remind the public this is a right.

But I am not the guy I used to be, so I need whatever edge I can find. I try to steal .1 second here, .1 second there. Until I have the advantage.



I agree with all the above arguments.
I used to only open carry while at the watering hole (Gas Station), similar to one opinion as a deterrent. But then after taking the BRAVE course at GunSite where we had virtually an entire day of training in and around vehicles which included gas stations, it was proven to be better tactically to be concealed.

The Art of War, don’t advertise to your enemies what your strengths are.

I have to admit, if you open carry you do look particularly menacing and bad ass but that really isn’t what you’re/we’re going for as LTC holders.

I do open carry on the ranch like Sheepdog above.


I’m in the CC camp, I don’t want my firearm to be the focal point of my person. My family knows I’m carrying, they know what to do if a situation arises. I prefer it that way.


I prefer concealed carry. I don’t look like a threat to anyone - I’m 62, short, bald and overweight. I tend to walk with a limp because my knees feel older than the rest of me. I keep my head on a swivel. I don’t want to draw any undue attention.


“its not the size of the army that counts, its the ferocity of the fight.” I don’t know who said it, but I quote it from time to time. According to an old college professor, “it” is a dangling modifier.

One can argue concealed or open for days. We wish there would be a day that everyone could open carry. Last summer and other summers, we visit Cody WY. Very much an open carry town. The mrs and I carry concealed. Around the property we open carry. Concealment = nobody knows, nobody needs to know. Someone in this forum stated if someone asks about a bulge on your hip, tell them it is a colostomy bag, Another could be issue, if one open carries someone might think that person is LEO. Know your laws, and feel comfortable about your decision. All personable. As fizbin stated above, I don’t want to look like a bad ass.

However as a chuckle, I am an ordained, gun toting, internet minister. Sounds like a law firm…Marium, Barium, and Howe.


Hey Jerzy, you could wear a Hawaiian shirt and look like a tourist? Puka shells? Hula skirt? LOL…I still have my puka shell necklace…LOL


Nope. I don’t like Hawaiian shirts. :expressionless:
I prefer to be European style tourist :laughing:


CC unless I’m in my own house. Even then, 99% CC. I don’t want to alarm any delivery people.


For me it is situational.

Normally when I am out and about it is CC.

When I am outside at my home I will many times open carry for a number of reasons. I ALWAYS mow my yard with an exposed firearm and range electronic hearing protection.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. I use to have things walk away from my yard on occasion (this has not happened since I started to open carry in my yard).
  2. It tends to keep door knockers from coming to the door (religious or sales people).
  3. It has started some great conversations (even with local politicians).
  4. Local Law Enforcement now wave when they drive by (I like this and have had some great conversations with officers I previously had not met).

Concealed Carry for me. I am a smaller guy. I have always worried about someone coming from my six and trying to take the weapon. With modern retention holsters it’s less of a concern. But still, it just seems better to be the grey man.
Around my property, open carry is often my choice for reasons others have stated.


To each their own, with whatever they’re most comfortable with and will lend itself to the person carrying regularly.

Me I typically have a concealed carry mind set (I don’t want people knowing I’m carrying unless they need to know). The exception I make for this is when I pull RSO duty at the range (I carry outside then), and the occasional BBQ type event where I wear my “BBQ gun.”


Concealed so as to not draw attention from criminals in any situation, and avoid extra attention from anyone else.
I look at it sort of like the saying, “If you heard the rifle report, you weren’t the target.”
So I’ll try to blend and maintain some element of surprise.
However, as stated in another thread, it doesnt matter what I wear, I always get asked if I’m military or LE, so I do dress a LITTLE tactical but never full on in public…reckon if i cant get a haircut still for another 4+ weeks i may start blending better(?) :slight_smile: