To Open Carry OR Conceal Carry

I really first discovered the idea of a BBQ event/gun from looking at some of Wilson’s Combat engraved. I didn’t know this was a thing. Just how far back has the concept been living in Texas and aside from folks being LEO, Ranger, or Flag Military, how did it become a tradition?

I keep thinking someday I’ll own a bit of gun art (engraving ornate) but for me, I’d still shoot the heck out of the weapon - I mean, really, it’s likely the best shooting assembly I’d own. “Beauty & The Beast”


Since John Wayne road onto his spread in McLintock? :smiley: Seriously, I don’t know but I do think it originated down in TX and if not they certainly have adopted it the best.

But I’m well north of TX and while not an every weekend occurrence it’s certainly known about around here (especially if you get a bunch of former Military or LEO’s around smoking some que and make it known). And it doesn’t have to be a Les Baer Custom (mine certainly is not)…just your favorite gun that you like talking about and sharing. :slight_smile:

Host a BBQ with some of your 2A like minded friends and tell them to bring/wear their BBQ guns…just remember to keep the party “dry” for all those carrying.


It occurs to me that we might have a slight bias here on :wink:


Carry responsibly, whether it’s concealed or openly. When i open carry, it’s not to “deter” anything. I’m a friendly face who just so happens to have a gun. If you open carry you become an ambassador to the firearms community, act accordingly.


All open carry for me. There is no good breakdown of open vs. concealed in the available self-defense data, Statistically, however, there appears to be good evidence that guns in the hands of good guys are deterrents, and I have not found any real evidence for the argument that they make you a target. Plus, I prefer to tuck my shirt in, and I cross draw - neither of which are ideally suited to conceal carry.


Open carry makes you a target. Much like LE. Don’t lose the jump you have with a concealed firearm. This is basically a rhetorical question. Since I’m in California where OC is no longer allowed, it would cause serious distress with the snowflakes if they saw me open carrying a firearm.


If Florida ever recognized our 2A rights, then I’d make a choice based on circumstances. I would conceal as much as possible, but sometimes; it is not possible. Then, I have to go without my weapon. I don’t like that at all.

As for my thoughts on deterrent, I tend to believe an armed society is a more polite society.


I totally pictured this as your BBQ gun, @JamesR!


@Wade, we do have a bit of a bias. :wink: I prefer the element of surprise. I don’t have the upper body strength that a lot of men do, so I’d rather not have to try to wrestle for my firearm – even with a retention holster. If they don’t know I have it until I have to use it, the surprise may give me an extra split second to defend myself.

We want you to be able to defend yourself the best way possible for you. If that means open carrying, have the right gear and train. if that means concealed carrying, have the right gear and train.

And what @Spence said!


I’m not as young or strong as I used to be, so for me I need every advantage I can get. I consider concealed carry to be an advantage. Also, I personally feel that open carry can be provocative, and that’s just not me.

All of that said, I love seeing people open carry. It’s a nice reminder that we have the right to do so.


I’m OK seeing people open carry, however everything has it’s limit…



This goes well with the mantra that I learned, while the Tueller Drill was the new hotness to learn. There’s a reason I wear my Kerambits the way I wear my Kerambits the way that I do.

Where does an experienced knife users 21 feet start at?

For me?

When I am within striking range. I am not going to start my wind up 21 feet away, I am starting at hand to hand range.

That’s pretty much what any knife fighter will tell you is you strike as you draw.

That’s why I don’t open carry.


I think that’s fair. And everyone has a different perception of what that limit is. For me, seeing someone with a rifle slung on their back might get my attention, but I wouldn’t feel the need to take any action. If someone walked into a WalMart at the low-ready, I’d either immediately move toward that person or immediately move my kids out of the store. That’s just me. For a considerable part of our population, unfortunately, the mere thought that someone might own a gun at home warrants an investigation by the police.


When you carry a gun, it is an awesome responsibility. I have carried a handgun for forty-three years, both open and concealed. I discovered quickly, that when you carry open, everyone knows you have a gun, and people act differently to it. Some people act like you have the cronavirus, and want to get away from you. Some call the cops on you. I have found concealed works best, because if you do two things, when you are carrying concealed you have a much higher chances of staying safe. It is practicing SITUATIONAL AWARENESS AND AVOIDANCE. Be observant! Don’t bury your face in your cell phone texts, and music playing in ear buds, so loud, you can’t hear or see anything else. You are held to a higher standard of security, and care, because you carry a gun. It is also tactically more sound. The open carry does not deter a thing. Armed uniformed cops get shot often, unfortunately. If laws against shooting cops doesn’t work, what make you think wearing a gun openly will be a deterrent? It is just using good common sense, and good judgement.


A couple of open carry encounters I have experienced:

First one in Matamoros Mexico, early 1980’s, every block had 3 to 4 guys walking together with what were probably AKs (I don’t know because I wasn’t really into small arms at that time). Each group was in matching uniforms. What set my situational awareness off was no two groups were wearing the same uniform. Bottom line is it made me uneasy.

Second one was at my son’s house. His friend was coming over riding a motorcycle. Son was predisposed, taking a shower or something, so told me to let his friend in when he got there. I heard a motorcycle pull in the driveway. I answered the door. Standing in front of me was a young man open carrying. I had never met this friend before, so I asked him his name. It was the right name, but have to admit I was on high alert until he said the right name.

With that said, I legally open carried in Florida yesterday - I was out fishing. No notable catches except I lost an 18-20" Spanish right at the boat. Was using a circle hook on mono. I believe the teeth got the opportunity to cut when I went to haul him up into the boat. Taking a dip net today :slight_smile:

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There’s nothing wrong with that picture. Proper trigger discipline is on display. Two gentleman posing for a picture.

Remember, not every firearms owner owns a pistol or handgun. For some, if they want to participate in an open carry protest or march, they have no choice but to use a rifle. Especially since handguns are so regulated. Did you know here in Michigan it’s actually a crime to carry a handgun not “registered” to you without a CPL? I’m willing to bet other states have similar laws. So for those people, they participate with what they have, and I’m completely cool with that.

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With me it depends on which of my main carry guns I’m using. I open carry my 1911 .45 acp. Because I haven’t found a holster that works for me. And if I’m carrying my Rugar LC9s I can carry that one concealed with the holster that I found that works for me. So I do both depending on the gun.


Please explain to me the process for a citizen of Mi, 1st time handgun purchase to CPL?

Reason I ask is I have kin up there and keep getting fragmented info on how it works. Thx


I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking. I don’t want to assume and give incorrect information.

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For 2 of my relatives, it’s not “To Open Carry or Conceal Carry” it’s simply to carry.

The 1st is a BIL in PA. He has a CCL but says he never carries! He has also said when I visit I have to leave my EDC in the car in the driveway or unload it when I come in. He is an avid hunter and allegedly pro 2a. I say he’s a closet blue person.

The 2nd is my brother in FL. He has a CCL and never carries as he wears a suit for work and gym shorts when not at work. With all that’s going on, he just bought 2 new holsters from Crossbreed, one OWB and one IWB. He also bought a bunch of 5.11 shorts instead of the stupid teenage boy gym shorts. He’s 55 and it’s time to put on your big boy pants, as the wife says. :slight_smile: