How often do you carry


how often do you carry?

how do you feel when people stare when or if you can open carry in your state

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I carry all the time, everyday, unless it is in a prohibited area. I carry regardless of the activity. Mowing grass, shooting hoops with my son, changing oil, or going to church. Illinois doesn’t allow open carry, so, that decision has been made for me.

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I carry everyday. I can open carry but choose not to. I can’t carry is at work, which, due to our schedule is two days out of the week.


I carry when I’m not home, wherever I go, period.


Carry all the time. I don’t open carry, been seeing videos (mcdonalds video and the guy working on his car in driveway) that make me not want to do so.


I carry everywhere I go. When I do open carry, people normally don’t really notice.


I only carry if I’m wearing pants, and I never go anywhere without my pants. I only open carry in my small hometown, where everyone is used to seeing me like that. Everywhere’s else, I carry concealed.


Isn’t it amazing how many people are walking around in condition white and don’t know what’s going on around them, @Robbie13?


i see it all the time heads down looking at there phone or talking on it not even looking it seems at where there walking especially at walmart

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they tend to notice more it seems in the state i live in since its a constitutional open carry state no permit required.
probably why

however they seem to be somewhat use to it on an average or to an extent. many places here in Missouri welcome open carry.


Not to sound crazy, but when I pick my son up from school or am at one of his sports events, I people watch just for the sake of picking out who is asking to be the next victim. The lack of situational awareness out there is amazing, including stopped In traffic!

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i do the same every where i am as well

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It’s a good way to learn from their bad behavior and pass it on to others. I teach my son to always walk with his head straight up, not down looking at the ground or his phone. Someone may still try something, but at least you may see it coming and be able to react.

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@Dawn, it is disturbing. Fortunately, as a dad with so many little ones, I live in condition yellow!

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I memorize what shady people are wearing all the time. I’m also always watching people’s hands. It irritates people that I talk to sometimes, because I’m not looking at them, but staring at everyone around them. I also carry whenever it is legal.

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I carry 100% of the time that I am not on the clock. I am prohibited from carrying at work (could be difficult when crawling under homes and in attics). I am a Senior Satellite Installation and Service Technician. I have a company vehicle I park at home.

I carry the moment I put my work phone on the nightstand to charge from clocking out to when I leave for work in the morning. From feeding the animals to bathroom and shower use, standing outside front door for the dog to go potty.


It’s not crazy, it’s part of being condition yellow all of the time. We are aware so that we can be as safe as possible. If someone is drawing your attention as a possible victim, your attention isn’t the only one their drawing. The “bad guys” will see them right off the bat too.


I know, the part that may sound crazy is me picking out “victims”. Sometimes I’ll say to my wife “Do you know how easy it would be for me to mess that person up over there? They wouldn’t even know what hit them!” She’ll usually say “Is there anything you want to tell me?!” LOL

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All day everyday. Even at home most of the time. I have different “options” and configurations depending on the situation which makes this all the more convenient. I very rarely open carry unless at home, or in the odd instance when I feel like it. The few times I have open carried I’ve been on the receiving end of odd looks and even an off comment or 2. I walked into a Home Depot once while open carrying and heard 2 people talking about how inconsiderate and unnecessary it was… The same thing happened at an Independence Day fireworks show in a public park. Honestly, opinions are like rear ends. Everyone has one. It doesn’t bother me in the least bit because at the end of the day it’s my right, just as it’s their right to disagree. That’s what makes America so special.

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I carry everyday, as for those who stare, I don’t let it phase me. If they wish to engage in civil dialogue I all for that, however if they wish to make a scene I simply walk away and refuse to give them any credibility for an altercation.