I just finished watching the defense for a car jacking at a gas pump where the guy had his child in the car. Suppose you have no one in the car. Should you run, hide and fight if necessary, or let him or her take the vehicle assuming they get the keys or should you draw and shoot because they have a gun on you and you feel your life is in danger?


Difficult decision. The best is to do everything to avoid such situation.

If it’s too late - I’ve been always taught to NOT ALLOW ANY PERSON to be taken with the car.
If the kid is inside - draw and… :thinking:… depending on the result of drawing, shoot or not.
Sometimes carjacker just runs away once he sees the firearm.

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That is a tough one… your home address is in there and perhaps other stuff that will put you in danger later… but I think I’d be inclined to let him have the car and hope for the best and be vigilant at home… change locks, add cameras, or at least signs in the yard.


I’ve read @Danny28’s post and realized this:

Yeap. Let them have the car and take care of your property. Agreed with @Danny28.

Thanks Jerzy but in the situation I mentioned no one else is in the vehicle. If I decided to shoot I would back up yell out loud and then draw and shoot. If they run while Im shooting great. My question is should I let them take the vehicle or do I assume they will shoot me and therefore I need to shoot first?

I’ve missed that part… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
As mentioned before, let them take the car.
The next step would be taking care of your house - as @Danny28 posted.

You might be right Danny. Even though it creates a nightmare situation of protecting your home possibly down the road in my case I have several deterrents already in place. It seems anything you can do to avoid shooting is the best answer.

Thanks guys. Appreciate you chiming in.

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Drawing and shooting at someone who has a gun pointed at you is almost always going to be a losing proposition. They have a big head start in that situation. If it is just the car and I have no indication/intuition that he/she will harm me if he gets the car, then complying with the the thugs demands and getting out of there at the first clear opportunity is likely the best option.

I keep a money clip with a CC card and a couple bills in my front pocket for possible situations like this. I would toss this and the keys on the ground or in the front seat saying take it it’s yours, then run the other way when he reaches for them.

Now if someone is in the car or I am convinced he is going to shoot me anyway then I am tossing my money clip or creating some other distraction while discreetly drawing or physically attacking until I get his gun or have the space/time to draw my own.


I am an old man with not a lot of time left on this planet. I may have another view of the car jacking event. If you decide to give up the vehicle, so be it, you can get another car, and if it happens again will you do the same? At some point a stand must be taken violent people are not always truthful, you give up your vehicle the clown shoots you as he is leaving, who won?
When taking the verbal test for L.A.P.D. the first rule is not to give up your weapon, be that a car or a gun.
If we are going to be the Home of the Brave, Strong, then we need to act like it.
I have read several threads on this forum about what would happen if…, but few will ever have to make that decision, talk and bluster is cheap. Train for the worst, pray for the best. As Bruce Lee said" It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a Gardner in a war"


Well said @larry84. :+1:

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One take away is, I learned never keeping anything with your personal information in the car including the registration, my vehicle doesn’t even have a receipt for automotive service. I keep my registration with my insurance card in my wallet with my drivers license, when stopped I never have to reach!
There’s nothing in the car that can identity me barring the license plate!
As far as being at a gas station, always know what’s in front and behind your target, like gas pumps, child in the car is forcible felony kidnapping, whether the perp knows or not. If you’re sure of your skills a life is at stake, a controlled pair to the chest, saves a life, if it’s “just” the car, you can get a new one!


Scenario 1 , my child in the car.

R.I.P hijacker, see you in next the life.

Scenario 2, No one in the car.

Option 1. Let it go, call police and insurance company.

Option 2. Shoot the car tires

Option 1 is safer.

Your call.

Best of all learn not to leave your keys in the car.


Under USCCA’s EVENTS link at the top of their main web page, I found an event which was a free seminar. At the one I attended, they gave each of us a free copy of the book below, also in USCCA’s Book Store:

Where I live, a man was shot by a car jacker last month. The man survived. However, I also want to learn how to avoid such situations, and how to get out of them safely without ever having to shoot. But I also want to learn how and when I might ever have to “use”, from a safety, ethical and legal standpoint (last resort).

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Also should add to my post that it is best to keep your awareness up when in or near your vehicle and not give people the opportunity to take control of the situation. I am stuck doing a lot of work in SoCal where my 2A rights are denied. Have had two situations there where I am pretty certain people were targeting me and or my vehicle. In one case I made it clear they would get run over if they tried anything. In the other I quickly locked the car door and went back in the store until they left.


Appreciate that Shamrock. A police officer held a safely class I attended and shared similar strategies with the “money” toss, he called it a New York Wallet. I made one, and now regret I do not carry it as often as I should.

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If it’s a property crime, it’s a potential hassle dealing with insurance, etc. but not worth drawing a gun for.

However, it quickly changes once they point a gun at me.
Not knowing their intentions whether they’re only interested in my car or not, I can say there is “reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily injury to self.”

  1. Pee all over the seat
  2. Turn on the heater to full
  3. Start car then break off the key in the ignition.
  4. Give them the car.

Very good book— makes you have to think… and discuss.

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Your state laws governing the use of deadly force should be your guide. In NC it is illegal to use deadly force to protect property. You can NOT use a firearm to defend yourself against a theft before, during or after the fact to recover property. It is only legal to use deadly force to protect a person from imminent death, great bodily harm or sexual assault. It’s as clear as that and the situation you find yourself in has to be viewed through that optic or you will find yourself in a world of legal trouble.