Pistol brace ban

Looks like my self-defense weapon is going to be banned in 60 days because it has a piece of plastic on it to help you shot accurately. If you don’t know I have an AR15 pistol with a pistol brace and love that firearm. Well I thought this was the idea? You are supposed to hit the target you are shooting at but King Biden thinks he can change an amendment that says “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” because he feels he knows better than us? He is our President. He works for us not some special interest group or group of rich people that can afford there own team of body guards. There has to be something we can do. He id going to bypass congress because he realizes that he cant get any gun legislation passed there. Now he is talking about packing the supreme court because his plan to kill the filibuster failed. What else makes me angry is I am a law abiding citizen and I bought my guns legally but King Biden has a son that lied on his background check and nothing happens. One of the laws his new ATF King is trying to start is throwing everyone in jail that fails a background check. Well it looks like we might be living in the Minority Report. Biden’s son got a gun and nothing happens. What has happened to my country?


Because it makes shooting more accurate!

No brace!
With brace! :rofl: :rofl: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I suspect this won’t be upheld in the SCOTUS, so we’ll probably be fine. Which is likely why Biden has formally started to investigate what it would take to expand the SCOTUS so they can pack the court just like he wouldn’t answer questions to in the debates. That is possibly the real problem here. I don’t know what it would take to expand the SCOTUS but if they do, then we’re in trouble for sure.


@Todd30 , yeah you just magically made that new Cmmg 10x more dangerous to everyone even yourself because you have a brace on it :roll_eyes:


I suspect that accurate shooting will become racist, any minute now! Wait for it…


Get Ready…

oops! I did mention that it has a laser sight, scope and red dot on it too, right?


Same with my CZ. Somehow it will become more of a threat to society than my HP/HT Bullpup (which, oddly enough, only has 10 round magazines).


What I find disturbing about all this mass shooters are not aiming they are just spraying. So now in order for us to defend ourselves we have to do the same. Innocent bystanders are in trouble from both ends now.


If I attached my ACOG and a two point sling to my samurai sword, the one with the folding hilt, is that considered an assault sWord?


No bayonet lug? What if you want to stab someone because there is no room to swing?


No worries, there’s an APP for that!
Now I practice with my eyes CLOSED

Used to be proud of my tight groupings, but if this is how they want to play, I can learn all the “spray and pray” tactics from Call of Duty and any first person shooter on Xbox!
This is what practice used to look like!

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Great post. You just have one thing wrong… Biden is NOT “our president”. He is 100% illegitimate by all the evidence of massive election fraud. I will never accept him as my president… ever.


I agree with you 100% about Biden not being our president. It is really ironic that all of the voter fraud is just starting to come out when nothing can be done about it.


We’re skipping right past Socialism and straight onto Communism. Buckle up, lock and load


I’m sure it already has been declared racist. The next natural step is to declare guns “white supremacist”. After that the Lefties are out of nouns and I’m not sure what they’ll do. White super-supremacists? Predators? Wait no, Hillary Clinton already used “predators” to define a specific ethnicity in our country…

Has anybody thought that what the Dem’s actually want IS some kind of armed uprising? Basically they’d call in the National Guard to snuff it out, declare all Republicans and White Males traitors and then disband the 2A? Think about it… They’re not doing anything to lower the temperature in this country, they’re escalating it and taking steps towards court packing will just further increase the temperature.


Super Spreader Supremacists


I dont for the trader but in sure I vote wasn’t counted it was mailed due to working 16 hour shift at a prison

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You mistakenly believe that the left wing cares about your rights or freedom. They must have an unarmed, uneducated and fully indoctrinated fan base to stay in power. Every totalitarian regime in history has disarmed and disabled any potential trouble makers.


Forcing a reaction and then condemning that reaction is a tactic the left employs frequently.