I found a good CCW class

but the owner of the range doesn’t support my candidate for POTUS. I hate knowing my money may be going against my candidate. I’ll try to get over it.


@Dana7 ,
Your money should be going to the instructor, not the range. Unless the instructor owns the range.
Maybe I’m just not following you?


The range owner isn’t supporting a 2A candidate? That’s surprising, @Dana7. :thinking:

At least the class was good! :slight_smile: That’s the important thing.


@Dana7 said “they don’t support the candidate.” Could support the 2A, and just not like the candidate. Don’t hate me, just devils advocate here. Lots of voters saying they don’t support a particular candidate, for many other reasons than the 2nd. Dana7 could be a Biden supporter, that has other problems with Trump beyond gun rights.


It’s America. As for your money it goes to all kinds of things you dislike. It your money, spend it where you want, how you want. But it won’t stay there.


Pretty sure by looking at the “avatar” for the person who started this thread that it’s not the range owner who doesn’t support the ONLY 2A candidate in this race! Why even waste money on training if you’re going to vote for the candidate who promises (even brags about) to take our guns away?


I forgot I posted this. yes I voted for Biden despite his threat to take our guns. I am hoping that was just talk–kinda like Mexico paying for the “wall”.

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This isn’t a personal attack, so don’t take it as such. Biden is very much ok with confiscation of legally owned firearms. He was instrumental in the Clinton “assault weapons” ban. He has promised to put “Hell yes I’m taking your AR15” O’Rourke in charge of it. He take the money and support of ALL the anti-2A organizations.
Now, that said, if the Republicans restrain the Senate, the President can’t just unilaterally do these things. We’ll see continued weirdness involving the ATF, but, a mass gun confiscation/ban is highly unlikely. Not because Joe doesn’t want to. He just won’t have enough players on the board to make it happen.