BREAKING: Louisiana State Senate Passes Constitutional Carry


@Randall318 :+1:
By what margin did it pass and has it been through the House yet?


Tbh: I was just thinking same thing.

I’ll look. The only info I saw on this was the tweet you see.

Hope it’s by non-vetoable margin. Because Edwards will veto.

Excuse me, will no matter what.

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Will one of y’all look it up & get back with me regarding results. My internet data is manipulated and can’t find anything on it.

Nothing new in my life…

That tweet may have been fake thinking about it a little dramatically now.

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Senate Votes: 27-11


FYI: It’s not official yet. Also, Governor said he would veto if it makes it to his desk.

And yes, I support constitutional carry.

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@G.Washington, You are correct.

I believe the majority made it unvetoable though.

Meaning, yes he can check no to keep his Communists name in the gun grabers check book but it still becomes law.

HOWEVER, I still recommend LHP for out of state carry and that 8hr course does some well.

I had a lady next to me back in 2019 who God bless her soul managed to jam two Federal 9mm bullets in a magazine backwards.

She asked for help after trying to jam the third one in. Some may think its funny but I taught her a lesson that day I don’t think she will forget. I may hVe never mAde that mistake(well, I know I didn’t) but I have made errors.