Neighbor from hell

Thank you sir


I keep a pair of raised knuckles gloves in a lower pocket or clipped to my belt.

I had a confrontation years back at my apartment complex. With someone who was nominally a friend from work. This guy decided I looked like a fun fight I guess and jumped me, over a girl, I wound up administering some, let’s call it remedial education on social cues and mores. He was, let’s say less than happy about my remedial actions, runs inside his house and grabs a, I’m not f*cking kidding, katana. We are some distance apart and I have a collapsible baton in a scabbard on my belt. As he is approaching me, with the katana above his shoulder, I pull the baton and I’m holding it between my thumb and palm. Then I bluffed him with "didn’t any one ever tell you about bringing a knife to a gun fight? (yes, thank you Indiana Jones).He evidently believed me as he ran off into the night screaming about my gun. We had drawn a sizeable crowd through all of this, and I went around reassuring my neighbors that, no I’m not about to shoot up the place.

Wow Zavier, you are on a roll with the cool stories today. Why this one? We showed up to work the next morning and of course the story has spread all throughout the store. Basically, the GM, says we are both fired and that it’s up to corporate what to do. I am back at my apartment and I have a sneaking suspicion that all is not right in Whoville, when The Girl calls me and says he was talking about it not being over. I don’t believe for a minute that he will nut up to try me again. So I go by the police station and there he is filing a complaint against me. So I file a report as well. We then litigate, over the next year, about who is the aggressor. Eventually, the DA basically says figure it out yourselves or I’m going to put both of your dumb a$$"s in jail.

Moral to the story
Whoever gets to the police first, is the complainant.

Fun Fact_001: Can you tell this is before the ubiquitous cell phone AND that it happened in the South, with my cracka’/po’ white trash ways. :joy::rofl:




I think I’m gonna go ahead and get the pepper spray. Although this neighbor mine hasn’t bothered me but like I said, he knows that I’m no push over either at the same time, we did look at each other. The other day. Just looked at me and I looked at him and we said nothing to each other and I moved on but I am gonna get the pepper spray anyway. Cause the neighborhood I live in isnt exactly the greatest anyway. Thank you for your advice my brother…


Have you guys ever heard of the Byrna, the non-lethal alternative? What do you guys think of it ? I still like firearms, no doubt about that. But when you don’t really have to use a lethal force. give me your guys honest opinions?


@Rudy1 Some thoughts on those. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wouldn’t be my first choice as a backup. I can’t imagine a time when I would use it. I wouldn’t try to use it as defense against lethal force.


When my parents were alive, they used to go for walks in their neighborhood. Dogs would sometimes chase them. I gave my parents some Mace spray that had been issued to me. The next day, my Dad cursed at me and gave the Mace back to me. Seems that a dog came after them and they bent down to spray it as it circled them. The next thing they knew they were enveloped in a cloud of Mace.

That’s the problem with pepper sprays, too. Be prepared to be enveloped by a noxious cloud in the heat of a close quarters confrontation. Lots of cops won’t use sprays in fights for that reason.


:arrow_up: That’s why pepper jell was invented :arrow_up: :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the brand I carry. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Since my Wife owns one and I have shot one here is my thoughts.

  1. Buy the orange one, not for the bad guys but for the good guys.
    My Wife had to have the Green one, I painted the front and sides of the muzzel Orange for two inch’s, I think she forgave me by now. :thinking:

  2. It has reasonable accuracy out to 30’ and worked well, I used some dry lube on it.

  3. I would use it on a person or animal with backup.

  4. If you have not yet… Byrna | Best Non Lethal Self-Defense Products :+1:


You have to buy the correct pepper spray with the correct spray pattern. No fog, no mist, either stream or gel.

I have test fired at least a half dozen cans of pepper spray now, and sprayed someone in training, and been sprayed. Never once was blowback a problem.

But, don’t buy mist or fog or even cone. Stream or gel


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I would like it to be orange cause I don’t want the cops thinking im the bad guy… I know enough if I had to use it. I would have to report the incident right away. So they know that I’m the victim, not the instigator.


As long as an encounter does not devolve into a wrestling match, it sounds like the gel version will keep it off you.


The only real negative I see with the gel is that it is a narrow stream making it more difficult to hit a fast moving target like a charging dog.

I hear that there is a foam option out now that is somewhat in between a spray and gel when it comes to range, spread and blow back protection. But haven’t gotten my hands on any yet to give it a try.


Even if it does, I’d definitely take them having gel in their eyes/face vs not in a wrestling match


While solved…you use a cane? There are nonlethal self defense courses geared to using canes.


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Agree that a cane can make a very useful improvised self defense tool.

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They actually make canes for self defense.


I have seen some of those. I use the word improvised because likely most people using one would be primarily using them as a mobility aid. The fact they can easily be repurposed for self defense is an added bonus. I have various everyday use items around my home that I have practiced accessing for a self defense situation if I can’t get to a better tool for whatever reason.

Though I could see someone who doesn’t necessarily need to use a cane to aid with mobility carrying one in an area where other self defense tools are restricted. Still its primary use would end up being for balance assistance vs the very rare self defense situations we might find ourselves in. Suspect it is much harder for the anti self defense crowd to throw a fit over someone using a cane to defend themselves than someone using another tool primarily designed for self defense. The tool used shouldn’t matter when faced with an imminent threat but I could see it impacting some prosecutor and juror decisions in anti self defense jurisdictions.