Byrna Self Defense Weapon

Is there anyone out in the community that is familiar with Byrna pistol? It is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that using compressed air to shoot .68 caliber rounds of kinetic and chemical irrant projectiles to defend yourself. I am curious to the laws regarding this type of product and if anyone has purchased and/or used it? Thanks


Check these threads:


Thanks for sending me those links and it has been addressed.


Interesting post. I think I’d have to check my local laws on its usage, to be on the safe side. If I ever had to use it, any others who see me use it, they may think its’a real gun. At, $359, I noticed one of them had 6 rounds, and a laser. Not sure if certain jurisdictions allow laser pointers as legal; I regret in my area, lasers on a real gun are not legal.

Guess there are lot’s of pros and cons:


  • For those who cannot legally carry firearms
  • For inside those places or areas where a firearm is not legally allowed (that is if a Byrna is allowed)
  • Less lethal, less legal problem compared to if one used real bullets


  • It seems a bit large, not as concealable
  • Might it be less effective since many now wearing Pandemic masks
  • Might it be less effective in winter, due to perp having more layers
  • If the perp gets to me afterwards, his chemicals can get onto me, putting me out of commission

I suffer from nasal/throat allergies, so this would kill me; I’d rather be gun shot.

It reminds me of taser guns. I’ll definitely be watching the various responses, for different helpful viewpoints this community often has.

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Very good points and I was informed after I posted the question that there were previous comments. The bottom line is that it looks too much like a gun and I think a pepper spray canister might be a better choice. However, you made some very logical pros and cons and thanks.


I guess that for some, it could be a good alternative. Never heard of it before today. I’ll surely carry my mace propellant, especially where I’m not allowed firearms. Thanks for sharing brother. :smiley:

Robert…why? Why on Earth would you be interested in a non-lethal choice to stop a threat? Oh, you missed or they didn’t just stop when you hit them with a pepper ball? well it was nice knowing you. I’m vehemently against the Byrna pistols. I’ve personally been pepper sprayed and still continued to fight my adversary (long story). I’ve seen lots of people in fact pepper sprayed and still be lethal for a short time. So…you or someone you know being threatened by someone with a knife…if you can’t flee safely, you need to stop them. The byrna pistol won’t always do that and that guy with a knife might still kill you or your family because you chose to arm yourself with a waste of a self defense weapon. I’ll bet you that you could unload that entire mag of pepper balls at me and I could still be lethal to you…I should know…I did it to prove my buddy wrong. It’ll stop a small % of threats. Whatever, you do you.

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Thanks for your long and detailed reply. I have decided NOT to purchase and use the Byrna pistol. I have come to the conclusion that if I am going to pull out a gun it will be my Glock 19. Cheers.


I think I would want to check the local ordinances for paint markers (ie: Paintball Guns) which are generally 68 cal and air, CO2 or nitrogen powered. When Paintball became a “thing” in the late 1990’s there were a whole lot of ordinances proposed and I’m sure some of them passed but I never paid much attention to them. My eldest son who was into it tells me there are solid and hard rubber and soft rubber balls that all have their uses for at home testing of the accuracy of your marker he also notes that most paint ball fields will not let you play if your muzzle velocity is over a certain FPS. Evidently you can crank these things up to a dangerous level. I dunno that I would consider a paint marker to be a primary self defense weapon or tool but it might be a viable tool for shall we say “turning the other cheek”. It would do well for you to understand the rules and laws if you wish to use a non firearm for a defensive weapon.



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Hi again dear Robert. I own a revolver. My nephews helped to convince me to try semi auto. I ordered a Beretta Centurion in 9MM (awaiting delivery), which I learned is cousin to the Glock 19. Thanks again for an interesting subject.

Your cousin Burdo :slightly_smiling_face: