Non-Lethal Self-Defense Option

I’m an avid firearms enthusiast but wanted to offset my collection with a non-lethal option especially for occasions when I’m traveling to states where my conceal carry permit doesn’t apply.

What are the best non-lethal options out there?

What are your thoughts of the Byrna product (

Thanks in advance!


Cars, locations around the house, and my pocket when we got for a walk all have pepper spray. Cheap. Anyone can use it. and you’re not likely to kill a guy unless he stumbles into traffic after being sprayed, or walks by Joe’s door…


I have mace as well. My concerns with mace is its lack of effectiveness from 12 ft out, plus the spray can harm if the wind is blowing towards you.


Appreciate the info. I think it’s great to explore alternatives, and or less lethal options, especially when and where we cannot legally carry our firearms. In case helpful my friend, when I typed in the word Byrna, on the magnifying glass search icon tab, in the upper right hand corner of this page, it loaded a few other previous posts on this interesting product.


There are a couple of other threads on here around the Byrna (use the search function of the website). I think it’s a good choice for all the reasons you are likely considering it… points and works like a firearm and offers extended distance (compared to pepper spray).

However, if you are considering using it as a CCW I would caution against it. It looks just like a firearm and anyone who sees it will treat it like a real firearm. Maybe that’s to your benefit and maybe it isn’t. Think it through very carefully.

The best non-lethal weapon you have is your awareness and wits. Normal pepper-spray solves a lot of problems. A stungun/taser is an option but requires close contact.


@Luan, there was a tread on the forum where we did discuss the Byrna pepper launcher.
Byrna Non lethal Launcher
Opinions on BYRNA Pepper Ball Pistol. I hope this helps brother and stay safe and carry on.