Open Carry a Byrna Launcher in the State of Florida

I have having difficulty finding an answer. I am a USCCA instructor, Certified Instructor in OC, and a Factory Trained insturctor with the Byrna Launcher.

The Byrna Launcher, for lack of a better explaintion, a pepperball pistol. It is legal to open carry pepper spray in florida for self defense purposes. The law says the container but be compact in size an hold no more then 2 oz. The Byrna launcher is about the size of a Glock. I has a magazine that hold 5 pepperball rounds. Each round is about 3 gram of chemical agent each. (there is approx 28 grams in an ounce). In my opinion the pepperball is the container holding the chemical agent (compact in size) and it would take about 18 pepperball to add up to 2 oz. total of chemical agent. The Byrna Launcher is just the delivery method (in my opinion) (the pepperball, arguably could be delivered in many ways.) Any Lawyers out there with an opinion. I have several students ask me that question and I can’t find an answer. I have contacted the local States Attorney’s office with not response and the Sheriff’s office with no response.


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Contact Byrna. I am sure they can answer your question.


Weird items like the Byrna don’t fit any particular category. There isn’t really anything out there, findable, about them, precisely because they are weird and extremely uncommon.

My unsolicited personal opinion: Don’t carry something that looks like a firearm and functions like a firearm, but is not a firearm. I know you are asking because people are asking you that and it’s only fair to try to have an answer for what they want to know.

But it’s going to be difficult to find.


I would start with your state police, then the state AG’s office. On here, or any other site, all you will get is opinion. Go to the source. I have called AG’s offices, and even spoke on the telephone to the state AG of one state. I had emailed him directly on an issue about carrying in his state and he gave me his number to contact him directly.