Kimber Pepperball II legal to have in California?

Hello, I’m getting mixed results when I look online to see if Kimber’s Pepperball II is legal to own in CA. Anyone looked into this?

This is all I’m finding about pepper spray in CA laws.
Law section.

Have you checked with your local sheriff or DA to see what information they have and what they can direct you to?

I have not at this time. Some articles online state that because it uses a primer charge to fire the projectile that it is illegal in CA. Kimber’s site states that it can’t ship it to me and yet Bass Pro/Cabellas says they will ship to stores in Ca.

One of the many problems with CA laws is that they are so numerous, vague, convoluted and contradictory that law enforcement and not even the DAs can give you a competent answer on what is and isn’t legal.

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Michel & Associates handle a LOT of the firearms legal battles in CA. Here’s their summary of why it’s illegal in CA. It’s because it’s not an “aerosol spray”. It’s much more effective and won’t blow back in your face if there’s any wind. But it’s not an aerosol spray, so it’s illegal. I first found it for sale at a range that I used to frequent and they always had it in stock. Then I moved, looked for it online, and found out Kimber and others won’t sell direct to CA because it’s illegal unless you’re a LEO.

That is a well-stated bit about how confusing and contradictory CA weapons laws have become. It is at best “A dog’s breakfast” here in Kalifornistan

I am using Mace brand Pepper Gel in its “Magnum 3” dispenser. It is loaded 1.5 oz of 10% OC, and when your thumb or finger lifts its spring-loaded safety cover a VERY BRIGHT LED illuminates the target and likely light-blinds it momentarily. The pepper gel supposedly isn’t as prone to blow-back spray for the deployer, and the spray contains a UV element that stays in place for a time to help ID the sprayed miscreant.

To me its just a mid-step in the Force Continuum between voice and SIG-Sauer.

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