Pepper spray legal question

I live in Wisconsin, appleton area, I bought my wife a pepper spray, stun gun, flashlight combo. I was informed she needs her ccw to legally carry it. She has yet to get that. But the pepper spray is removal so she could carry that by itself, question is does she need a ccw to still carry the pepper spray?

I did read somewhere that the pepper spray has to contain 10% or less “CO” this canister however says 18%. Would she be legal without a ccw? our does she need one?

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We were the last state to legalize pepper spray. Yes, you need a CCL to legally carry a stun gun. Google seems to think it’s a felony to carry stun gun without the permit.

Ok, but if the “legal limit” is 10% OC but this container has 18% is that still ok?

You may have to do a little digging, for the exact details on levels, but here’s the WI information:

I would get her a pepper spray and a tactical flashlight as two separate things in case she gets one taken away from her. Not a pretty thought, but it can happen. Having multiple defensive tools is a great idea, @Mike17!