Pepper gun police grade! jpx 4

Please research the JPX 4 PEPPER GUN.

  • Non lethal if over 5 feet.
  • Lethal under 5 feet.
  • Shoots at 405 MPH
  • 4 shot

you said its lethal under 5 feet but i saw a video of it and he shot them at 5 ft


I’m 6’1” so I should be good!
Joking aside, I really would have no use for a pepper gun that costs $500. I can get pepper spray with an effective range up to about 15 feet depending on the wind. The costs would be between $5 to $25. With he remaining cash in hand I could pick up 2 new Taurus G2C pistols and a 1000 rounds of Blazer Brass 9mm along with a combo meal at Chick-Fil-A.



please watch more videos, and read online
lethel under 5 feet. I am a 357 magnum guy to start with.

thanks for responding

Thank you.
I am looking for a non letheal form of protection.
My only other firearm is a 3 inch 686 plus, 7 shot smith and wesson 357 magnum

Thanks for responding

what? please write


It is not about money.

Money is not a problem for people that have it.

please do more investigating, and the goal is always to stop the threat, and never never take a life if possible.

I understand what you’re saying about the money but I am considering value. A MK-3 or MK-4 pepper spray steam is effective from 15-20 feet and can spray 10, 15 one second bursts respectively. You can press the trigger and immediately adjust the spray to hit the persons face even as they move. The cost of either is less than $20. Shoot a pepper ball at someone and you miss they are on you in a second and a half. I don’t think the 3 foot advantage the jpx gives you is worth $480.
It’s not about money but that’s my 2 cents.

Excellent points. I did fork out $330 for a shooting taser the taser pulse plus but I did get 4 cartiridges in total and I love it because it’s very small. Here in LA the pepper spray doesn’t do much cause they’re very very high on many drugs. So I have found that you do need that incapacitating factor. However i think the best odds you’re gonna get with a taser is 70% of hitting id say

I was ROFLing at the Chic Fil A comment

Did you buy the JPX 4

Can the JPX 4 PEPPER GUN be carried in Minnesota ?


@dawn can you check on this for us?

Check what?

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Thanks for your response.

Just asking if @dawn can check if a JPX 4 pepper gun can be carried in Minnesota :slight_smile:

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Sorry I missed the tag from the other day - let me do some digging!

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