Question for those in the Legal Know

Just a few days before I became a Member I was involved in a incident.
It is the reason why I joined USCCA.
I had a neighbor who is the Violent Offenders List in my City.
I have witnessed him in the past years sucker punch other neighbors; pull a knife on another several times; watched my youngest be terrorized by him - he stopped when he realized I was watching everything>
In the past 10 years there have been over 20 calls against him.
Yes I am afraid of him; yes I have a CC I have attended the class for that as well as a private lesson and Women basic pistol at a local gun range.
Getting to my point and question bare with me.
I had to draw on this neighbor because early he and my husband were yelling at each other and I told them both to knock it off.
I left my house open carry and came back from errands open carry.
He quickly came off his front porch and towards me; I drew in fact he could have easily taken my weapon from me instead I surprised him and he backed off from me and off our driveway.
I yelled at my husband to call Law Enforcement.

I Complied - Indentified - did not need medical and did not remain silent when Officers questioned me.
Big Mistake I know.
In fact because 1 Officer listened to my neighbor for over 35 minutes when he came in to talk to me he was of the mind frame that I was going to be arrested.
That was until he watched the video on my phone - yes I recorded me walking up my driveway.
My question is this. Silence does that pertain to any recording?
Every time I leave my house and come home I put my phone on video record and hold it camera out chest level.
What should I have done different? Anything?
No they did not confiscate my weapon after I told them that I am extremely afraid of him.
So far he has left me alone but only due to the fact that it is getting colder outside. He tends to hermit till spring.
Any advice would be great - I don’t want to cause myself problems should another incident occur.
Thank You in advance.


@ Alicia1 you are now at the point you need to do this:

We’re open 24/7, call us: 800-674-9779.

The rest of us here are fellow travellers on the highway and while a number of us may be in position to answer your questions with good information; you need to be in private consultation with USCCA for their recommendations, or at least a recommendation to an attorney who can guide you locally in the coming steps.

Seriously, establish that relationship, contact someone who knows what you need to do to speak up to local authorities, and legally protect you and yours. You may also want guidance on how/or if to establish a friendly relationship with someone in middle management at the PD or Sheriffs Office.


@Alicia1 Alicia @MikeBKY and another man are the attorneys of our group. You did everything right except phone your police department in my view. You should have done that before your neighbor. I’m assuming you don’t want to move but that would be a big plus. That man has already proven himself a dangerous person to your entire neighborhood and your family. I’m sure when @MikeBKY sees your post he will give you excellent advice. Good luck to you and your family.


@Alicia1 I am going to agree with @CHRIS4 on this and suggest you contact USCCA to get in touch with an attorney in your jurisdiction. I agree with your video and might even suggest something that runs continuously from your home. Speaking to a local attorney will be better than me telling you what Kentucky might do in a similar circumstance. USCCA is there to help you.