Guy pull out a knife and a knuckles brace on me

This guy pull out a knife


I am really glad it worked out and you are ok. I think in such a circumstance, it is critical to be the first person to call 911, without delay. There are a myriad of reasons why this is true.

Still, great news that you are well and had a positive interaction with the police.


Any time you must show your gun in self defense, even when that successfully defuses the situation, even if you only exposed it in your holster with hand on it without drawing, and nothing further has happened, call 911 immediately, just as soon as you are in a safe location, to report the incident. Do not wait until you get home, and do not use the local police non-emergency number. You must win the race to report, because both police and prosecutors generally assume the first to report is the victim. There have been cases in which the criminal called 911 to report, A crazy dude just pulled a gun on me! in situations much like yours. With no witnesses and no video to confirm, the actual self-defender gets wrung out in the system.

Part 2: if you do have to draw without aiming to fire, be sure to hold at low ready, clearly pointing down to the ground, not up but pointing off to the side of your potential attacker. The view of both witnesses and cameras from the side cannot tell you are not pointing at the miscreant; it will look like you are aiming at the b@5t@rd.


I did everything by the book thats why they thanks me for being a responsible gun owner!! I had good training and i know the laws in the state i live in thats why nothing went further and after the police review the camera they verified my story


If you are a USCCA member you totally opened yourself to this situation unnecessarily. As soon as this happened you should have called the USCCA number on the back of your membership card and followed their instructions and you would have gotten legal representation immediately and BEFORE you were even contacted by the police.

You got plain lucky. Even being in the right this could have gone totally sideways for you at a HUGE legal expense.

If you’re not a USCCA member you just dodge a huge bullet. Hope it’s the last time this happens to you.


*Delete everything
*Talk to a lawyer
*Say nothing to anyone except your lawyer
*Remember, it’s not the police who file charges/prosecute, and charges don’t have to come immediately day of

PS: By the book is to talk to your attorney before discussing details with law enforcement

If you are a USCCA member, call them and say nothing other than you were in a self defense incident, except to answer direct questions with only the requested information as the answer


I think u are being a lil bit to dramatic!!! Why i will put my self in a position where they can arrest me, take me to the police station up to my legal representation gets there to do what i did?? I get what u saying but with witnesses and security cameras that will confirm what happen and what i say why i will scales the situation when no one got hurt, no assault happen, no nothing!! I really get what u saying but if i would did that they would take me into custody for investigacion up to i talk to my legal representation and tell him what happen and he will tell the cops what i say like for me that didn’t make sense when i knew that i was in all my legal rights to act the way i did!!

If a person draws their gun, something absolutely happened.

The unanimously recommended best/correct course of action is: Lawyer. Post nothing online, talk to nobody including LE, until speaking to your lawyer.

It’s never too late to go this route.


Not being dramatic at all. Unlike you and your single experience, I’ve seen the same scenario you played entirely too many times to vastly different outcomes. Ask any true experts in these matters and they will all give you the same answer. You did NOT do the right thing.

And, I’m not trying to convince you. Your story is now past and I don’t care if you’re willing to learn from it. I’m hopping the next person that reads your story understands you just lucked out while not doing what you were really supposed to do.

Have a great day.


This is 100% correct EVERY TIME you defend yourself. Call the USCCA, get a lawyer, the deal with the rest. If not, exactly what are you paying a membership for?!?!?

THE BEST attorney I’ve ever worked with was asked how many SD cases you’ve lost? He said he could not speak in numbers but he could tell the group that EVERY case he lost was because his idiot client spoke to the cops before talking to him. BTW he was an LEO before becoming a Criminal Defense lawyer.


A 911 call should’ve been made already as the above transpired.


as everyone has stated & Mr Ayoob has stated, make the call. it is a huge mistake not to. why try to defend your position when it’s foolish? it’s a simple thing to cover your ass…really


Name, address, phone number.